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Ashanti Maxim 1

Ashanti, future mother of 12, is featured in next month’s issue of Maxim. Check out more lusciousness below.

Ashanti Maxim 2Ashanti Maxim 3Ashanti Maxim 4


  • Lady Architect

    She looks very pretty in these pics. One thing you can’t deny her is her beauty cause that’s the key to her selling methods.

  • rox

    she does look good!

  • Cage

    DAMN Ashanti!! So glad she shaved those sideburns….. She look right.

  • Southern Belle 225

    She looks good. I can’t even lie or hate on the girl! Do your thing Ashanti!

    @Lady A…you are absolutely correct!

  • Southern Belle 225

    @Cage…Good morning!

  • zayah

    Lol@Future Mother of 12…She does look pretty

  • Marquis de Sade

    Uhhh, sorry y’all, but the girl is not pretty, unless you consider a female with manly features pretty.

  • Ms. NY~TX

    man everything is good but i just wish that she wouldnt wear that light skinned lip gloss it blends in with her face…so overall she coo..

  • peop

    Oke. it’s true. She looks good but………..she has no chemistry. She’s kinda boring. She had no sex apeal. Just like the girl next door. She’s cute but thats it. :-)

  • soulwoman

    The first picture is not cute at all. Her face looks huge. The rest of the pics are fine, sans the ugly wig. That is too much hair.


    i agree peop. I can only take so much.. Ashanti with her no voice and Beyonce with her shrill voice.. they kill me

  • lee lee

    I’m not a fan, but she’s growing on

    me. Love her new song.

  • indy

    She looks beautiful.


    Not a fan either but She looks great!!! Her booty is lookin FATTT in the pic in the red!!(no homo))


  • waktakten

    She’s cute but would look even better if she got rid of that big-ass wive/wig thing…

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