Whose Backs and Tramp Stamp is this Shopping in Hollyweird?

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Here’s a little clue…They belong to someone who serves up a mean tranny face in every photo.


The Odoms also conveniently went to hot spot restaurant Petit Four in LA yesterday afternoon. They know they called the paps in advance to up the publicity.

More flicks of the married couple and Khloe out shopping, spending Lamar’s hard earned money below.


  • Plain Jane

    Hey, that’s one of them twins from ATL.

  • Souljagir

    I should of known it was China I mean, Klohe! That’s a big bish there! LMAO her and Nene Leaks could work for the wrestling federation lmao!

  • The Official Mrs. Carter

    oooops no where near 2nd but ya cant blame a sister for trying…lol

  • http://bossip miss dior

    Go Khloemoney, get your shopping on, die for the shoes.


    KHLOE DOES NOT look as horrible as everyone thinks.

  • http://myspace.com/870bg Bg(~007~)

    who cares!!!

  • Nique


    YEAH! LMAO! Im gonna back off and let someone else get a chance…LOL

  • lawd da mercy

    ole flat backs…

    guess Kim stole all that bootie from her.

  • ThatBKChick

    Well at least she don’t have to dress up for Halloween…with that Sponge Bob Square Pants azz of hers, she’ll be set for life!! In the accent of my Grandmother: ((Y N DE HELL IZ THIS BOMBACLOT))) information relevant? I am tired of the Ho-Dashians….Even Paris Herpes Hilton’s time has faded away…why not the ho-dashians?!!!!

  • LGD

    I see she’s taking my advice regarding the side view pics. She also looks like her mother. It looks like she’s gaining her weight back.
    To: Lakers fans] Should Lamar be in practice?


    Ah yes…power lunch @ La Petit Four on Sunset Plaza.Followed by power shopping @ H.Lorenzo next door.That’s what a busy day in LA looks like when you got money in the bank.I’ve met Khloe a coupla’ times.She’s not unattractive at all.

  • chaka1

    oh my freaking gawd, who the fu*k cares about these people?…

  • LGD

    to: ThatBKChick] Because their mother is the one that’s encouraging this. Paris’ mother has more money than Kris. Kris doesn’t own a chain of hotels so she has to maintain an income. Does anyone shop at their store?

  • PradaMaMa


    Yeah I got my 2 in, let me get back to workN hard so I can keep my job in dis good Reccesion!!! LOL!!

  • S

    Nothing against the Kardashian sisters, but why are they constantly posted about on a Black gossip site? Last time I checked, they were NOT Black. Just sayin’…

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