Out of Pocket: Manny Pacquiao Says “I’m Sure Mayweather Doesn’t Want to Fight Me… He Doesn’t Care About People”

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Manny Pacquiao should be worried about getting past Miguel Cotto before he starts talking about Floyd Mayweather Jr., but he opened his mouth and started woofing already:

Manny Pacquiao believes the biggest potential fight in boxing will never happen because Floyd Mayweather Jr. wants no part…… of him. Pacquiao is training in Hollywood for his meeting with Miguel Cotto on Nov. 14 in Las Vegas, but the pound-for-pound champion spared a moment Thursday to evaluate his chances of fighting Mayweather, the unbeaten pay-per-view king. Although the matchup almost certainly would be a financial bonanza for both fighters, Pacquiao thinks fans shouldn’t hold their breath. “I don’t think it’s going to happen,” Pacquiao said. “I’m sure he doesn’t want to fight.” Mayweather has been circumspect about his plans for his next bout, saying only that he has never ducked anybody and would consider any opponent. In his comeback bout from a 21-month layoff, Mayweather demolished Juan Manuel Marquez on Sept. 19 in a fight that generated more than 1 million pay-per-view buys. Mayweather’s advisers claim they haven’t ruled out a bout with Pacquiao, likely among the world’s few fighters who could match Money’s speed. But the Filipino champion has surprisingly strong opinions about why it won’t happen.

“Boxing for him is like a business,” Pacquiao said. “He doesn’t care about the people around him watching. He doesn’t care if the fight is boring, as long as the fight is finished and he gets [plenty of] money. … I want people to be happy. You have a big responsibility as a boxer.”

We think Manny is getting way too far ahead of himself…this dude will be lucky to even beat Cotto. We’ll have to see what Floyd “Money” has to say about this one.



  • lawd da mercy

    After Money bring him the bidness…

    People will say, that Money only fight “Nobodies”
    cause Money makes all his opponents look like “Nobodies.”

  • charlieblanko

    Thats real lawd. That is exactly what is going to happen. He is then going to have to beat up shane mosley, then cotto, then paul williams will probably beat him because that is a gang of wars.

  • Duke

    MAyweather is definitely the man but please don’t sleep on Pac Man at all. He is the truth too and that would be Mayweathers most challenging fight to date. I think Mayweather would win but it would be very close.

  • oooooooh!

    Manny will mop the floor with mayweather, mayweather is nothing but a arrogant show off, I agree with everything Manny said. I hope the fight does happen so Manny can finally whoop this dudes ass.

  • elektrikeccentrik

    Pac Man can take a punch and he’s like lightning. Mayweather needs to fight him already since he’s such a bad ass.

  • nunya

    hes right

  • Brooklyn, Stand UP! (The Carlito of this Bossip Sh*t)

    Keep running Mayweather…. That’s what your good @ you Cherry Picker!

  • Sith Lord

    Mayweather’s my boy but I don’t think the fight will happen because in Floyd’s mind he doesn’t have anything else to prove, like I said in his mind. But this would be a great fight because Pac would chase him down and try to turn the fight into a brawl

  • 808 state

    manny will kill floyd and floyd knows it

  • Brooklyn, Stand UP! (The Carlito of this Bossip Sh*t)

    Mayweather has to prove that he can beat a great fighter “In His Prime” like Pacman…. But he won’t, lol…

  • i said...

    He is going to get a rude awakening from Cotto. Cotto has a chin unlike others and he can body punch like a gorilla. I know Pac-man is good but you have to look at the two fighters and weight their styles. Cotto looks to me like he can wear Manny down more than I think Manny could knock him out.
    So all that being said…Money May is going to fight Cotto due to the upset win he will have over Manny. Sorry Manny fans. He is a good fighter but I don’t think he can bang with Cotto.
    Real Talk bruh…

    I tell um all the time – Don’t sleep on Cotto.Not to take anything away from Pac-Man, but my money is on Cotto…

  • T.

    Right now, Manny is the best out there. Many have forgotten that he’s not the same one-handed fighter that he was 4-5 years ago. He’s got speed and is relentless but not like Hatton.

    I honestly think that a fight between Manny and Floyd would be boring because Floyd would do his turtle shell defense with his head tucked to his shoulder and avoid exchanges with Manny. Cotto is a good fighter but he like Oscar, Hatton, etc. are just too slow for Manny. Speed is not a forte of Cotto and the chin that some speak of is still suspect. I don’t think he’s gotten back what he lost against the cheat Margarito. It’s unfortunate that dude cheated but it took something out of Miguel. Now he faces a man who has some power but alot of speed. Yes, Miguel is the bigger man but he’s not skilled like Marquez to counter and make the adjustments necessary to beat Manny.

    If he beats Manny, I’d be shocked! Floyd on the other hand is all about money and showing it off. It’s a shame that a guy that is “freaky” talented like him has to do all of this bravado and showing off. He has enough talent to make changes in the sport and in society. Take some of that mouth he’s got and effect change in society. Stop bragging about your money and start talking about something important to society.

  • T.

    What will actually happen is what happened when boxing started putting money first. Floyd will dance, dance, dance around Manny for a couple of years and then want to fight him after Manny is starting to give it up and move on. Gone are the days of the “super fights”. Like back in the day when title fights were still televised on ABC and CBS. When the best fought the best at that time in their prime. Now because of money, Floyd will put Manny in a situation where he will ask for so much that he knows Manny and his camp will turn it down just so he can say he wanted to fight Manny. Manny wins on Nov. 14th, the next fight should be him and Floyd in March/April, period. If they both think that are as bad as they think that they are, then if the fight generates say 50 million, then the winner takes 30 and the loser takes 20…

  • Sticky-n-Sweet

    What does Floyd Mayweather say before he steps into the ring with ANYBODY? “Run me my money, IN CASH!” (Ocean’s 13 reference, for those who don’t know) Pac Man is tough, but he should focus on Cotto, who’s no slouch, before he starts ginning up Money!

  • Littlemiss

    Cosign PAC MAN!

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