Jay-Z Should Walk Around Like This All the Time

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Jay-Z was spotted in Toronto Canada for a show last night.  In the spirit of Halloween he came out with this mask on as a costume.  Camel may be on to something with this, if he wore this more often around Bey Bey maybe she would consider settling down and having some little ones. More flicks of Hov unmasked under the hood.


  • tasha lisa jamaican princess


  • mel

    HA HA Yes Halloween was Lucifer sorry Jays Christmas HALLOWEEN MEANS the ending of light entering into the darkness sums up Jay to a tee, boycott this puppet reclaim our music back from the Corporate Fat Cats controlling Jay Z. Who elected Jay One World Leader of Hip Hop, there is a rebellion in the Music Industry against this sell out, join that revolution NOW

  • Mo

    Damn ! the concert of the hook !

  • Queen B

    Look its getting real old yall always talking about Jay Z being a camel. Yall dont have a 1/10 of what this man has and yet yall keep trying to bring him down. Like he said in his song, “alot of people can tell you how to do it and they never did it; the critics call me a camel yeah im nice as a trout wtf im a an animal”

  • http://www.k.com noelle

    Unh, unh-that creative

  • BahamaMama05

    Man look, why does she have to start birthin babies? wtf? That really sounds so “mammy-ish.” Pardon my expression. I can see why these two dont say ANYTHING or do anything about their relationship in public.

  • http://www.k.com noelle

    That boy good..

  • What is this about?

    stop the hate.

  • Shanty

    scary indeed.

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  • Nanana

    that’s mean.
    You stole the pictures from RAPUP!

  • lori love

    why is people always so negative talking
    about J-Z and his looks he is a black man
    who made it yall should be supporting him
    insted of critisizing he is a positive influence
    in the black community dam give him the benifit of the dought.ow I see yall support the ignorant side of rap damm havn’t our people learned any thing yet.

  • Bill Bigsby

    I recommend going to a Jay-Z concert, its an experience you wont forget.

  • Nanana

    Beyonce will never settle down! Forget it. poor jay. i think he would be a great dad. well, his choice. no breakup no babies. YOu have the choice, Jay!

  • http://Bossip jmani

    why is it not working testing

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