Does Kelly Even Date Brothers Anymore???

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Kelly Rowland was spotted on Miami beach partaking in a mega swirl fest.  We wonder if chocolate left a bad taste in her mouth or something because ever since she’s been in the UK, she’s been anti-black men. More pics of Kelly in a kini under the hood.


  • mediamogul

    Don’t blame her, black men have proven themselves almost worthless.

  • SHAH


  • TyNice

    Who cares……….

  • MS

    y it’s always a racist issue, who cares who she dates as long she’s happy!!!

  • Lets Be For Real

    I agree with mediamogul — However I havent given up “hope” yet!!! :roll:

  • MS

    meant to say race

  • gebb

    That’s because the UK creme is sweeter… ;)

  • blackbeltshopper

    I havent paid attention to the “anti-black” but, I’m happy the chick moved on and out of Beyonce shadow..face it…”back up is a trap up”–J.Hud.

  • jaziflowr

    What does it matter? As long as she is happy.

  • Ann

    More black women should take her lead.

  • Kia

    I’mma need that wig off of her head. She has a beautiful face n body though.

  • PradaMaMa

    Does it matter …as long as she’s happy & from the looks of these pics she’s haveN a blast!!!!

  • Black women

    Black men are loosers

  • Black women

    I’m so happy, my black father is dead and I dont have any contact with the half brothers

    My white side is the best

    I dont want to even be black!

    Black loosers.

  • Dan

    The harsh truth is no white man want’s to marry a black woman, hell black men don’t even want them as a wife.

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