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Keshia Chante

A source has told us that Canadian songstress Keshia Chante has been casted for the leading role of Aaliyah in the biopic set to start shooting in August. A couple of years back – it was supposed to be some video vixen type. This new jawn definitely appears more suitable for the part. We will be watching….and waiting.


  • Southern Belle 225


  • Southern Belle 225

    She’s not as cute as Aaliyah but I guess she’ll do. Never heard of her though. Who is she?

  • J

    Don’t like her. That video vixen girl looks like she could have done a better job.

  • Wink

    Aaliyah beauty will never be duplicated. She was a gorgeous woman. It is a fact she would havebeen much more of a presence than Beyonce, because once Aaliyah died Beyonce stepped in and started getting all the praise that was intended for Aaliyah. I will forever miss seeing her beautiful smile, and wonderful talent…RIP, baby girl!

    • miranda

      i agree

  • Marquis de Sade

    Aaliyah’s features was more delicate than this girl.

  • Mz_Magnificent1

    She is no Aaliyah but she is much better than some damn video chick…she better do her thing, and do it right too damnit!

  • Kim



  • Steph

    This girl is very under-rated. Her voice is amazing. I really hope she does a good job. I’m routing for her.

  • ven

    I LOVE this girl. Theres better pics of her though. That one doesnt show similarity at all.

  • Danity

    Yeah Keshia Chante is aight…..I live in Toronto (Canada) and she’s gotten some play over here, but I dont think anyone could ever fill Aaliyah’s shoes, let alone play her in a role.

    Good luck to Keshia though

  • Crazee

    I’ll have to google and lime wire this chick when I get home….heard she has a nice voice….

  • niknak

    At a quick glance (and I mean quick) you may consider thinking about contemplating the fact that she could look like Aaliyah if the lighting was right.

  • pashpash

    That’s big for Keshia. Toronto stand up!!!


    They should consider picking someone else, the girl is not pretty enough (wet & wavy weave is sad) and is also unkonwn…

    hell to the naw!

  • Breezi

    YES!!! Thank GAWD Destiny Lightsy will not be Aaliyah! And thank GAWD Keshia Chante is!! She looks so much like that woman it’s amazing, PLEASE look at some pics. Her and Lisa Tucker should DEFINITELY be Aaliyah, lolz. Both of them look considerably like her, especially the latter.

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