*Bossip Exclusive Scoop* Charlamagne tells Bossip the Reason he was Fired was Because of “J”

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Right after we heard the news about Charlamagne being canned, we hit him up for the scoop and to find out why he feels he was fired:

BOSSIP: Man, that Camel pulled a fast one on you, didn’t he? What got you fired…the “J” word, Beans, or Hova straight up making a call?

Charlamagne: Bra, it’s not that blatant… is it?

BOSSIP: (SMH) Why do you feel you were let go, man?!?! Do you really think that “he” would have enough of an influence to get you canned like that?

Charlamagne: I don’t know duke! But I do know that this is way too soon and close to the incident for me to really make a real statement, but not notice and comment on the obvious.

BOSSIP: People are saying that the problem with your interview was you mentioning the “J” word. What do you think about that?

Charlamagne: I have not talked to my lawyers yet, so I don’t want to say too much. You better watch it! You know I will be alright. The radio station is trying to say it’s a publicity stunt, but I wouldn’t go back there, BOSSIP! I loved Philly though.

BOSSIP: Damn. So, you think that your interview with Beanie Sigel was the exact reason that the show was canceled, or not?

Charlamagne: I will say that this; they never really gave me a suffice excuse and told me they were “going in a different direction.” We just got the highest ratings ever, the day of that Beans call. I will let you figure it out…

Those are the breaks and nature of this business. Charlamagne will land on his feet… he always does. Lil Duval  and Charlamagne have had their Youtube series going for a while with “reported” TV plans in the future. Good luck dude…


  • Coco

    first..so that wasnt exciting!!!

  • Nanna P.

    I KNEW IT. don’t mess with a major force.

  • Adub

    whats the ‘J’ word?

  • aishab

    if Jay did that,that’s f-edup

  • O_Gany

    How About he stop crying and man up. Don’t mess with the HOVA. KEEP JIGGA NAME OUT OF YOU MOUTH. LOL

  • monique

    Philly is quick to fire everybody. He shouldn’t be too upset. I never loooved Charlemagne, but that mouth of his, will cause trouble.

  • Greg

    He wasnt syndacated he was on a tvone station in philly which is still HIP HOP & R&B….how do i know i’m in philly

  • Who Am I To Judge

    Jay don’t give a damn about Charlamagne or Beans….GTFOH!

  • LGD

    to: Coop] This morning that’s not true. I had just got finish listening to Walk It Out. Before that I heard Rhianna’s Russsian Roulette. I just turned it off on some Lil Wayne song.

  • LGD

    to: Coop] I also heard Plies’ Shawty.

  • leave jay-z!

    leave jay alone. he has nothing do to with that.

    Publicity stunt Charlmalagne.

  • leave jay-z alone!

    Stop hating Jay-Z!

  • charlieblanko

    You people have to read between the headlines…everytime he says “lawyers” or “situation” and can’t comment….


  • always knew


    You people have to read between the headlines…everytime he says “lawyers” or “situation” and can’t comment….




    Charlnagne knows exacty why he got fired….he actin like he doesnt becuase he wants to fan the rumors that Jay got him fired…Jay doesnt really care enought to get him fired in this instance ….His station was nice enough to say “we’re goin in a different direction” leaving him the ability to get another job if they said we fired him because of negative statements about jews which is what he got fired for he would have been blackballed in the industry.. the interview was all over the internet and was getting a lot of attention and Jewish people were offended simple as that… advertisers were threatening to pull thier accounts simple as that

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