The Game: 50 Cent and Tony Yayo Got They Real Boo Lovin’ Thing Down

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The Game sheds some light on the G-Unit train of dropouts:

I’ve been telling you Buck’s the next to go for like four years, three years. After that, it’s Banks, but I don’t think that Yayo will ever break they thing ’cause they got they real boo lovin’ thing down. Banks is gonna be next man.”

“50 needs to change his ways man. Until then, you gonna see his empire dismantle itself,” explained The Game. “It’s like a totem pole man. Dre worked with Pac, then he found Snoop. … Dre found Snoop, and let Snoop blow up. Look at Snoop today, Dre never stopped Snoop from blowing up. Dre had helped Snoop, and it was in good business. Then Dre found a white boy from Detroit, and he came in… Dre gave Eminem the chance to blow and they never stopped. Then they gave it to 50, and let him blow. 50 didn’t pass the baton like that man. … [50 Cent] wanted everybody to be soldiers forever, forever, forever, forever… and grow old … That will never hold up.

“I never hold grudges. Curtis could call me tomorrow and we could work it out,” he said. “With him, he’s to the grave with it. Next time I run into them, I’mma just let them beat me up. Maybe that’ll do it — Yayo beat me up and 50 beat me up. Maybe they’ll feel better… just beat me up ’cause I could take it. I ain’t got no glass jaw… beat me up. I’ll take it … and then let’s just end it like that.”

SMH at Bugsy and Yayo having that “real boo lovin’ thing.” That sounds like pure comedy.



The Game is looking to sign the man that knocked Suge Knight the f*^k out last weekend.

“The popular Compton rapper made the revelation on the Hot 97 Funkmaster Flex radio show last night. ‘He’s the Knockout Kid. We was looking for him, we found him, and trying to sign him.'”

Is this the future of hip-hop? Does talent count for anything anymore? SMH.



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