Again, Not to Be Out Done… Chris Brown’s Graffiti Cover

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With all the hoopla floating around Rihanna, you knew Breezy’s team was not going to let a good opportunity to push his album, fly by.

Pop the top and peep Breezy defending his “Graffiti” cover where he is rockin some skinny a*s tights and space boots

Graffiti Album Cover



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  • http://BOSSIP Damn D

    He look aight …

  • http://BOSSIP Damn D

    He still can get it.

  • Ms. Lady

    Not all men can rock skinny pants, he looks good in them to me….But I still don’t like men in pants tighter than mine.

  • lorie love

    he look good damm chris you can get it

  • H2O ***THE WATER BOY***

    He’s going to catch a YEAST INFECTION in those jeans

  • http://Bossip Kim

    LOVE IT, very creative… ( Some people R very small minded) … FASHION!! breaking the usual!!!

  • Fashionized Diva

    looking good chris…. looking very good

  • cruzan trini

    They should’ve put a sock in those pants or a zucchini.

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  • Just as I see it...

    YES!! Crazy! I love it! Keep doin’ your thing Chris!

  • Symone

    Well it does look out of this world. Do you Breezy!

  • NewOrleansBaby

    Thats wassup Chris, he looks good.

  • Glover'sMane

    They need to rethink that cover! Not cute at all! Looking like he about to start doing gymnastics. The hell?!!

  • Tipsy McStaggerler

    I like the cover. I like his outfit. Now all I have to do is hear the music. Best of luck chris

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