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KFC wrote an open letter to Rihanna thanking her for gettin smoochie with C. Breezy in one of their establishments:

“Dear Rihanna:

We were very excited by your and Chris Brown’s recent visit to a Miami-area KFC restaurant. Clearly, like Kentucky Fried Chicken and our founder Colonel Sanders, you two know how to kick it up a few degrees. And, Rihanna, that’s a secret recipe worth sharing with the world. We could feel the heat – literally – in our restaurant that night … so much so that we’d like to invite you and Chris back to any KFC for a free meal including the Colonel’s Hot Wings. Whether lunch or dinner, home or on the road, our doors are always open to you. Think of it as a personal way to send an SOS whenever you crave a little Original Recipe.

Like you, KFC is dedicated to supporting charity causes. If you and Chris are again photographed making KFC a “hot” date-night spot, we’ll make a donation to your charity, BELIEVE, which helps underprivileged children. Hearing about your fondness for KFC was music to our ears. Please don’t stop making KFC your favorite mealtime choice. Good luck to you and we hope to see you again soon with or without an Umbrella.”

A free meal including the Colonel’s Hot Wings? This can’t be serious…



  • Lauren

    KFC Son’t give s shyt if Rihanna and CB (VERY CUTE COUPLE) Was in there….I highly doubt that, they’ll be making money regardless…

  • http://www.myspace.com/msmeka2cute Mz_Magnificent1

    Uh-huh…I KNOW KFC didn’t write this foolishness!

  • Madame Enigma

    how stupid was that?

    real or not…

  • Marsha


  • $m♥K.E.Y.


    this letter isn’t real!

  • Frog-a-licious

    lol lol lol I’m sorry but this right here is the best joke I’ve read for the morning…

  • http://www.babydollkissez.com QueenBellaD

    LMAO @ Marsha. Serious though that iiisss so Random Ridiculousness is I ever heard it.

  • Koi Norelle

    LOL at this letter! KFC is cheap. Beyonce can get free Popeye’s for life and that’s real. LOL

  • He's Presidential

    Wow… It’s true click on SOURCE…

  • sickofit

    Roflmbao, You all are on one today. Happy Friday.

  • Marsha

    I know right, this post made me want a Popeyes two piece and a biscut wit jelly

  • as seen on t.v.

    one free meal….damn, they could have at least gave them free chicken for a year…or at least until the relationship is over…

  • jerishere

    dayumm…kfc sure is staying on top of things…lol

  • glok9n


  • bree

    Damn KFC is riding that wagon..wow, this is so left..POPEYES is better

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