MiMi Almost Busts her Hamhocks on Jay Leno and Threatens Anybody that has their Eyes on her “Baby” Nick

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Mariah Carey made a promotional appearance on the new wack Jay Leno show. She looked very “CoCo” classy and elegant until she about fell and busted her A$$ets. She also said that when she married Nick, no one thought it was real. Everyone thought it was a video…

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  • ATLChick

    I would say first… but I’m not sure if I am…lol

  • Nam

    Oh wow!

  • charmingme22


  • charmingme22

    damn it.. well ill settle for bronze for now

  • goody_MOBB

    this is off topic but:

    why are you ALL adding new post under old post..im new here and i just wondered

  • crazysexycool

    Mariah is lovely, always liked her.
    And damn, she has big tits…oh man.

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    Mariah I love you…

  • jaysblazin

    LMAO @ Amethyst
    and oh yeah top 10 babayyyyy

  • tupactu

    since when was Mariah black?

  • sunny

    Uumm Mariah, baby…did you get some sleep last night??

  • WTF

    mariah has too much money to be wearing the same damn skimpy tacky “body shop” looking dresses she’s been wearing since the beginning of her career.

  • http://Mario Peps

    She’s pretty with make-up

  • sunny


    since when was Mariah black?

    Uumm.. when she cut a few records with puff daddy, back in the day..

  • tupactu

    sunny Uumm.. when she cut a few records with puff daddy, back in the day..

    so by your reasoning “Dream” the all white girl singing group is black?

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