F*ck A Thug: Los Angeles Family Terrorized By College Prospect… Turned Thug!

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Tyquan Knox

Los Angeles is boiling with high school athletes that could have been and should have been success stories. The young man pictured up top, Tyquan Knox, is a perfect example of how his demise and ignorance doesn’t only affect himself, but the community that surrounds him as well:

Tyquan Knox was once a top prospect coming out of Crenshaw High around 2006. Tyquan has reportedly been thugging since socking his ex-girlfriend in the grill, during his time at Crenshaw. After colleges got wind of those allegations, his stock went into the dump. Shortly after the incident, Tyquan said “I kind of feel like I’m getting screwed,” he said in an interview with a college football fan website. “People haven’t seen the last of me,” Knox said. “I’ve got a chip on my shoulder now.” Well, Tyquan is still in the hood and still has that chip on his shoulder. Knox has since been accused of…… robbing a young couple at gunpoint, and some say, he was involved in murdering the mother of the girl/victim of who was set to testify against him in the robbery. The young lady, Khristina Henry, was a fellow classmate of Knox’s and contacted the police after she was robbed, reluctantly.

Shortly after reporting the incident, Khristina started receiving calls from the accused mugger’s mother! The mother said she didn’t think her son committed the robbery and after that Khristina started receiving threats of the “watch your back” sort. When Khristina called the police… the calls increased with text messages saying “we know you told the police, what did you tell them?” The victims’ family pleaded for more protection. Kristina’s mother, Pamela Lark, was forced to find refuge from the neighborhood they felt threatened in. The Knox family knew where the victims stayed which forced the family not to stay in the apartment usually. The night before Khristina was set to testify, they decided to stay in the apartment with Lark’s two grandchildren and grown son. The next morning when Lark went to take out the trash before the trial, she was shot and killed. The “robber” who asked for her purse and money… left the items.

We know you ignorant thugs did this. You fools are not Al Capone, so hopefully the law will have no problem deciphering your high school murder scheme. The law should also take witnesses’ pleas for help and protection more seriously. F*ck A Thug!


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