Vote or Die: The Republicans Take Over NY and NJ in Political Race

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*Sep 15 - 00:05*

The voting day for NJ governors and NYC Mayors took place yesterday and while it was a very close race in both states, the Republicans won the race.  What happened is the question most Democrats are asking.

With the President visiting and showing support to both New York and New Jersey during the campaign,  it was a sure win in the minds of most Democrats and their supporters, but that was not the case.  NYC Democratic candidate, Bill Thompson, lost by 5% to his opponent Mayor Bloomberg, while Republican New Jersey candidate, Chris Christie took the race for NJ governor in a close call to Democrat Jon Corzine.

Most democratic officials are saying that they could have gotten more support from endorsers and people in the democratic party to help give Thompson and Corzine a better chance in the race.

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