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Nicole Murphy is beginning to look less and less like a tranny each time we see her. It must’ve been mandatory when she was with Eddie Murphy to look as much like a man as possible with his tranny fetish. She looks happy with this Mike Strahan character. Good for her.


View pics of Dr. Dre and his wife Nicole under the hood…


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  • Star

    Dre looks old, so does she. Wasn’t he married to Michel’le? Didn’t Michel’le hook up with Suge? I don’t think he found this one up in Compton.

  • sp1ked heelz

    What is Dre’s wife wearing?

  • versace

    Nicole Murphy looks really good!! It must be his big juicy black cock that making her glow!

  • creolediva

    Nicole Murphy is FLAWLESS!!! damn she looks great…ive seen her in person and she is breathtaking..she looks really happy now and so does strahan, good for them….i cant believe that people thought dre’s wife was white, hell, im lighter than her..they look relaxed…he was with michele but like everything else suge took her too..he moved onto better anyways..

  • lover

    Nicole looks sooo much better with Michael!

    I hope nothing but the best for them! :)

  • ROse

    I have always been trying to ask everthing about him as I could.

    People say he is a member of a celeb club

    *** We al t hy Ming le.c om ***

    I once was there and met my rich boyfriend.

    It’s a place to meet the rich and celebrities.

  • ms braided beauty the real one givin love to my chi-town even R Kelly

    I am just glad he is back with a black woman….. ugh!

  • $m♥K.E.Y.

    Well Nicole is a lady with hard facial features but still beautiful.

    Now Dre….

    He is not aging well and neither is wifey. Both

    could use some rejuvenation of the skin. I guess this is when

    black does crack. Sorry wifey ain’t fine, perhaps back in the

    hey day when he spotted her shopping on the Santa Monica Blvd she

    was on fyah, now its a no go!

  • Gallo

    I remember hearing Dr. Dre and his wife divorced???

    Nicole and Michael is a good looking couple.


    sorry still looks like a tranny to me. She has super broad sholders and alittle head….she should get some weave or grow her hair out or something because i think she would look betta that way.

  • lovey

    dr dre’s wife IS white. he almost didnt’ marry her when she admitted it after trying to pass herself off as a light skinned black woman.

  • ari

    lol dr dre is mad roided up

    his head is huge, no homo

  • Shhh

    Nichole Murphy is a gorgeous woman.

  • Dre'sGirl

    DR DRE is in love w me not his wife. trust me. he’s been seeing me for like 2 years and counting. not only that but he bought my Maserati after we saw one in beverly hills that i fell in love with and 1 wk later he had it delivered to my house. and he pays for my owned condo (which is in my name.)

    As for his wife being white. she is NOT. Dre has told me on numerous instances he would NEVER marry a white woman b/c years ago he promised his mother that he wouldnt. he was raised to believe that white women are only good for one thing…P*ssy.

    you dont wife them nor have any kids with them.

    not only that but he tells me he loves me all of the time. we recently went on vacation and he gave me a 3 carat diamond ring…if it werent for those kids, he’d have bounced from her. trust me, soon enough you all will see when he leaves her and then you start seeing pics of I am not1 going anywhere, the man is whipped. Love you Papa

  • bree

    Nicole & Michael compliment each other well..

    Dre & his wife look HAGGARD!


    yeah, sure!

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