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After admitting to not doing sh*t for the cause of Sean Bell or his wife who are from his Queens neighborhood, No Cents went on the attack of artists from the South on 106th and Park Friday:

On the South, Fif was less than complimentary when asked how the south stays so unified and the East coast doesn’t.

“New York City is the mecca,” 50 said. “It’s the essence of where it comes from. The competitive nature of the art form it makes us compete more. Their kinda in a survival circle ‘like if we all hold on we might could stay close enough to the bay’. If you add them all up they’d be like one me. All of them.”

Last time we checked, No Cents latest album couldn’t compare to the total album sales of the entire south, including T.I., Ludacris, Jeezy, and Lil’ Wayne.

Get yo mind and facts right. In other news, 50’s people have denied rumors of a $500 million Myspace records deal put out by some “fakeout” website.



  • bigboi


  • De

    2nd!!! Yeah!!!

    He’s nasty. He left Vivica ( who looks a hot mess) for the skinny nosed Paris ( who supposedly has the herps)? Go figure.

  • anchored mad at the hbo and the wire wack ending


  • Doagae

    I think the south speaks for itself….I’m from the south and admit I don’t like all of the music that comes out of it but at least they are unified in sucking…I told ya’ll nobody was making no 300 million dollar deal with this assclown…..

  • Chaka

    i hate him.

  • http://lovelysdiaryentries.blogspot.com/ LadyLace

    Can someone shoot him in the head this time? Thanks.

  • squomp

    fif starting beef? ok, when is his new cd coming out?


  • Shay

    I’m not a 50 supporter but the beginning of what he said is true. All of the light was on the east coast so rappers would have to go after the few media outlets that shined on them. The south needed to work together to get seen because no one was checking for them. BUT the last part was bull. There are artists in the south that are clearly holding their own now Luda, Outkast, and T.I. to name a few.

  • Corey

    Forget what 50 said…the notion that the whole south is “unified” is a damn lie. T.I. v Shawty Lo, T.I. v. Luda, T.I v. Lil Flip, Killer Mike v. Big Boi, Jeezy v. Gucci Mane(somebody actually got killed off this one), etc. Where does this “unified” bullcrap come from?

  • Bronx Brawler

    Son is lame

  • JL

    Also, that quote you have up, is from when Rosci asked him if New York could ever form a Unity thing like Florida rappers.

  • Qat

    Because Bell was from his neighborhood, he had to contribute to the cause ? Make sense please..

  • april

    People are blowing things out of porportion. When 50 was dissin the south, he was talking about the people that teamed up with Fat Joe and DJ Khaled, because they are beefin right now.

  • mike

    He been sounding like the male Khia… He’s such a faggot, I don’t know why we allow him to even still be around.

  • cocoa49

    first of all he is right about the south….2nd….where is it written that he has to say or do anything for anybody because he is from Queens? are you asking white people to do anything? you idiots constantly keep refering to one album that did not meet “your” standards. you sound more and more ignorant everytime you try and discredit 50. and as far as that $300 million deal i bet you it is true. just like when he got the money for vitamin water, it was said not true but true. yall must really be infatuated with this man for constantly tryin to make him look bad, but he constantly makes you look stupid!!!!

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