Another Day, Another Baby

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Damon Dash Rachel Roy

Damon Dash and wife Rachel Roy welcomed another little girl, Tallulah Ruth, to the family on May 13th. Tallulah Ruth, huh? Let’s just hope she’s named after somebody’s Grandma or something.




    congrads dame harlem standup

  • guilty pleasure

    he looks like Jermaine Dupri in this pic

  • Mami_Chulo

    they are obviously caught up in that hollywood bullish giving that baby a name like that.

  • I'm Just Me

    Tallulah…isn’t that the name of one of Bruce Willis’ and Demi Moore’s daughter’s. OMG! Why is Dame having more kids if he cannot even take care of the ones he has? Why does his other son have no electricity or hot water? I mean get real boy! Stop making babies you cannot afford to support!

    Also he looks like a daxn fool in this pictures!

  • Simply Ecstasy

    Why is everbody rockin them UGLY ASS glasses??? Give it a rest!

  • Doagae

    Damon will always be trying to be something he ain’t….they could have just named that baby Willie Mae and it still would not do anything to help his career…..

  • Kompton's Kutie

    Ta..who? Poor child.

  • Lyte Bright

    thats crazy how quick he moved on from aaliyah. not to say he shouldnt have moved on, but he got with this chick a couple of months after she had died.

  • 2threw

    Ta what? ahh, no.

    And, doesnt she own a fashion line, how can you dress like that when you have $$$.

  • Harlem Chic

    Dame is fugg.

  • Lauren

    Shay Shay, what up boo boo?

  • prisseme

    What ethnicity is Rachel Roy?

  • I'm Just Me

    @ Shay Shay

    Thank you…we all know Simp Daddy is a faggot @$$, FUGlY @$$, cock sucking b*tch!

  • I'm Just Me


  • Lauren

    @ I’m Just Me….Hay girlie, whats goody??

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