Diddy’s in Love Again

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Awww – Diddy got all up close and personal in a new video “confession” where he thanks Kanye West for helping him fall in love with hip-hop again.

“The other night, I go to the Kanye West concert … [I have] nothing but high expectations,” Diddy says. “Concert changed my life. I ain’t gonna lie. I was so impressed and inspired. It was beautiful, man – and I fell in love with hip-hop again.

“I want to say thank you, Kanye, for giving me that.”

Click HERE to watch this sappy show of affection in all it’s glory.

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  • http://photos.ericsueyoshi.com Torion

    1st…No comments on this one, just wanted to be 1st. Where’s Kim Porter…Oops my bad…I mean Cassie?

  • UpTown

    So What, straignt up Busta and Nasty Old Man

  • Demi


  • The Bear

    I’m 1st.

    I guess Kanye’s hard work on the tour is paying off.

  • I'm Just Me

    I’ll pass on the video….but I can feel Puff on this one. And I love KANYE man!


    Oh PLEASE, no more whack ass music Diddy!!! We beg you, don’t do it.

  • The Bear

    I don’t know about the “life changing” comment. Sounds a bit dramatic.

  • Necy

    He only loves himself

  • http://www.youtube.com cady

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  • Kompton's Kutie

    Personally, Kanye is a big favorite of mine. Every word speaks to you. Cocky he may be, but I love his music.

  • JorgeOoOoOo

    He loves cassie too

  • honeylicious

    So I guess Puffy is going to try and imitate everything that Kanye is doing, coz we all know he lacks originality.

  • Ro Ro

    Puffy just wants Kanye to buss in is a** hole.

    Dick rider. I don’t care how talented Kanye is. He is ignorant and his or any other industry person character could not convince me otherwise to support him or check him at a show.

  • SoSo

    They’re both gay.

  • Just Sit and Be Pretty

    I love it!! Ya know, too many times, we tear each other down and I think that it’s commendable for Puff to publicly acknowledge that he appreciates a fellow artist. I think remarks that denigrate what he did are shallow and insipid!! It’s amazing that we as blacks do that “crabs in a barrel bullsh#t so well”, but when it’s something like this, there’s negativity. SMDH

    Oh, good morning all…

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