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Rihanna 519

Despite the fact that errrbody knows she and C-Breezy sex-it-up on a regular, Rihanna continues to say that she and Chris “are very good friends.” Now Rihanna is planning on following up her line of umbrellas with something a little more intimate (kudos to Chris for providing ample inspiration.)

Click HERE to read about this as well as other lucrative ventures on Rih-Rih’s horizon.




  • MsJuan



    Ri could def. get a good hosing and soaking. I volunteer.

  • MsJuan


  • Lauren

    She looks like an Alien, or a Cone Head….

  • Lee

    A lingerie line should be second nature for her. She seems to photograph in it quite a bt.

  • versace

    and they say media take out is fake yet blogs and tv take alot of information from them

  • B

    Note To RIHANNA:

    Go ahead and make that cheddar BUT TAKE IT HOME, invest in REAL PROPERTY in BARBADOS…don’t get into this stupid lifestyle of paying 20,000 for one handbag…let the designers GIVE you their products to wear…DON’T BUY THAT STUFF…WEAR IT..GIVE IT BACK>..TAKE WHAT MATTERS HOME…the MOOLA!

    Again, Invest in Real property, possibly a resort..and retire into the sunset when its time…don’t let those slick people beat you out of all your money…

  • Kaybaybay

    They are “very good friends” thats what you call someone who is technically not your man but you sex them up. friends with benefits, very good friends all the same thing.

  • I'm Just Me

    @ Lauren: You are silly

    I personally like the pic. I am sure C-Breezy and RhiRhi have something going on.

    I would like to see what type of styles she has in mind.

  • mrslaadee

    I doubt that she wears underwear when she is around Chris, at least not for long anyway.

  • Fabulousity

    ok she needs t tone it down a bit with the dressing. people are gonna start saying she’s a ho.

  • House

    Well with me bring from VA i say GO CHRIS BREEZY SMASH IT OFF EVERY NIGHT, also rihanna is hella HOT just look at them titties ^_^ i give them 4 thumbs up<—–dave chappelle voice

  • B

    …and have you forever beholden to them……make your money, invest your money, don’t get into all these deals which in the end will COST you money, ie your own clothing line, its smart do it with Victoria Secret…hell let them pay you for modeling and take the money home…some people are not as ‘rich’ as people think…they have contracted to MOVE HEAVY units and if they DONt you best believe there is a penalty…

    Don’t bite off more than you can chew! Make the bread and invest it.

  • Brooklyn, Stand UP!


    Good Morning!

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