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Halle Berry 520.1

Halle was spotted with boyfriend Gabriel Aubry while shopping at Fred Segal’s yesterday. Check out more pics of the new parents as well as Dawn of Danity Kane at the Gen Art’s 10TH Anniversary Design Competition and Diddy, as dapper as ever, at Cannes.

Halle Berry 520.2Halle Berry 520.3Dawn 520Diddy 001

More of Diddy on the flipside

Diddy 002Diddy 003

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  • Aunt Viv


  • The Don

    1st. Diddy stay looking fresh, the man can wear the hell out of a suit.

  • k.k

    i guess im’s beautiful no kwestionz..N thats halle im talkin..dawn cute i like her smile

  • I'm Just Me

    Love Dawn’s Dress!

  • getyourhandouttamypocket

    Halle’s a cutie, but WTF is she wearing? Cute hair, though.

  • $m♥K.E.Y.


  • Vinandi

    Gabriel is one fine man!! Halle you lucky gal!!! beautiful couple!!

  • Black Beauty

    I do not like them as a couple. He always has a stone cold look on his face. They never look like they are happy to be together. Oh well, she got her baby. Oh, and why is she wearing a dress made out of cut up rags?SMH

  • Maria Ramírez♥

    Halle is probably the most beautifull woman on this planet! Her boyfriend is hot as hell.

    Their baby girl is going to be rediculously beautifull when she grows up, haha she practically won the genetic jackpot.

  • Bird

    I wonder if it is even possible for Halle and Gabe’s child to look average. I tell you what, Diddy may have his issues, but the cleans up something lovely. It’s interesting how he is constantly being described as Dapper these days. At least he embraces grownmanness in some ways.

  • Nik

    Dawn looks raggedy as I said before she needs a makeover/fresh look. Those shoes, the tat, the bracelets the dress the hair all look broke!

  • bree

    speaking of Danity Kane- i heard their tour was cancelled bcuz no1 was buying tickets..unfortunately no1 is really checking for day 26, cheri dennis, donnie k and whoever else was on that bill

  • Dominique=Maxwell Fan♥

    Halle & Gabe are such a lovely couple[♥]

  • Lee

    There she is AGAIN with no baby AGAIN. SHe must have a hell of a great Nanny. I was not seperated from my newborn for a single minute, I guess rich folks do it like this.

  • Just Sit and Be Pretty

    I agree Dominique…Halle’s baby daddy is foine!! Can’t wait to see pics of their baby. Umm, Dawn’s dress is cute, shoes…all wrong.

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