Jigga is Swirlin’ with his New BFF A-Rod and Robin Thicke’s New Jawn is Released ft. Jay-Z

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Jay-Z performed at the World Series Parade for the New York Yankees yesterday and then last night he was chillin’ with his new BFF A-Rod at the Knicks vs Cavaliers game but it looks like Camel had his eyes on the GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS. Also Robin “White Chocolate” Thicke has finally released the new single with him and his “HOVINESS”…

Pop it for New Jawn and his “HOVINESS” New BFF

Jay-Z & A-Rod

Jay was posted up at the game with A. Rod. Since Jay-Z gave NY it’s new anthem and A. Rod gave them another World Series Championship, these two are now buddies.


Robin Thicke ft. Jay-Z “Meiplé”:

Hate it or Love it?!?!?


  • Hannibal



  • Manda..Lao tadow watch out now, its the little one and im not bow wow ;o)

    wow no sir.
    an hello hanni boo ;)

  • Hannibal



  • GoldenGirl!

    I kinda like it… real laid back.. first time camel face isnt taking up the entire song!

  • The Fwesh!

    Meh… Shawn Carter is a fugly beast though…

  • IYAN

    It’s cute. I think maybe J was fn with is Bey.

  • dork

    dam, what up with camel’s face..in that pic.. yuk

  • trick

    lmao off at jay z face….like he smelled some boo boo



  • Silent Swagg

    lol i luv that pic.
    so hilarious

  • Bennie

    I still don’t understand how can J turns on Bey. The dude is ugly like m******fu**

  • DDub (The truth and nothin' but)

    Jay done got to the point where he can rap about anything. Interesting solely for it’s novelty but I can’t see it having much replay.

  • Confused

    @ Racist N****

    Hold up so are you saying just because you have not gone through all those things you do not have any soul or can make R&B music? SMH.

    Anways, why would you be proud to go through all those things in life? It does make you real or a better person.

    Im sick of race coming into every bloody topic.

    Apart from that the track is ok, need to listen to it a couple of time ot enjoy it.

  • Mismail

    i love it!!!! i don’t know whyyyyyy but i effin love it !! Robin is Greater than Justin Timberlake by farrrrrrr

    omg . i love it

  • Symone

    Arod and Jay-Z been cool for a minute. This aint new.

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