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Rihanna 520.1

Rihanna’s coming to a theater near you:

“Mama Black Widow, which will feature R&B songbird Rihanna in her big screen debut, tells the story of a black family’s migration from the Southern Mississippi field, to Chicago in the 1930’s.

Mos Def has also has a starring role in this upcoming film. We’re not feeling too hopeful about the girl Rihanna in a theatrical role. We’ve said it before, but it’s clear that no one really cares about talent anymore.



  • beautiful b

    oh no.

  • beautiful b

    1st btw…but again. oh no.

  • Anonymous3 - the fire sign

    can’t wait to hear her take on a Southern accent

  • rox

    um….how are they gonna harness the Bajan accent and parlay it into some kinda southern accent????? nah, not feelin Rhi on this one for her debut. they shouldv’e started her out with something way more believable-like a young songstress falls in love with her mentor lol….

  • Aunt Viv

    I don’t understand why “singers” (notice the quotes) think they can automatically act. And for our vocally-challenged, warbly-voiced sistren like Rihanna, my confusion is multiplied. I smell “Glitter” part 2.

  • $m♥K.E.Y.

    We already question most of the music industry’s “talent” about their

    vocals now they continue to push the same questionable talent

    into the acting industry. I think the writers need to do another strike!

    Can she pull off a southern accent?

  • swoosh



    Train wreck in the making…

  • wtf


  • Brooklyn, Stand UP!

    She is Pop, not R&B!!

  • Aunt Viv

    If Ri Ri doesn’t sing or speak in the movie it should be at least OK. Mos Def has some acting chops. He can do all the talking.

  • Slide Like A Fresh Pair of Gators (fka Keepin' It Real - D'Original)


    Look at how FLAT her a$$ is in that pic…

  • MissT

    First she needs to master the English language…..

  • Just Sit and Be Pretty

    Why shouldn’t she be able to mimic a southern accent…even if it’s horrible? :-) After all, think of all the American actors who’ve tried to play West Indians and did terrible accents. *shrugging*

    Anyway, let’s give her a chance…if she isn’t a born natural, then I’m sure with some training and classes, she’ll get better with time.

    Oh no…on another note, CNN just announce that Sen. Ted Kennedy has a brain tumor. Prayers and thoughts with him and his family.

  • Octavia

    Hopefully she won’t get like Bey and start sporting her ice skating tights to parties.

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