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Your girl Bey is finally acknowledging her situation:

“I don’t deny it (the wedding). I just don’t talk about it. We’ve never talked about us and it’s kind of protected our relationship. I think it’s kept us out of tabloid drama. A lot of actresses that have had successful relationships don’t talk about them, so neither do I.”

Good for them.



Apparently Beyonce is too famous for church now. Click HERE for the full scoop.


  • Candace


  • creolediva

    so shes now referring to herself as an actress??? WTF??? and this story is getting old REAL quick! Enough already!

  • creolediva

    damn SECOND!

  • Paint it Red

    Yes, good for them. Keep em guess’n and blogg’n!

  • super woman

    2nd! I’m glad that she sees how the media does have a negative effect on a lot of superstars relationships. Hope she continues with that same attitude.

  • super woman

    Damn I’m not 2nd! My computer screen lied to me lol.


    I dont believe she said this cause of the actress statement. But if she did good.

  • Soho

    Why she says even something that statement makes no sense to me! I think that with the pregnancy rumour, she just don´t deny it because she has an album coming out! I also read she will perform in October somewhere, so there is no baby!I don´t know how long jay will have to acquiesce that!

  • guilty pleasure

    I like them as a couple. But dayum…….do we have to hear about them err-day???????????

  • Re

    Ahhhh, finally! I refused to believe it until one of them confirmed it.

  • Soho

    Did he knows, that she says she wants to have kids in 10 Years, before he married her?

  • fergulicious

    First of all she is not an actress………… regardless of what she is a singer……second of all its no ones business, but the media finds things out anyway so it doesnt make a difference………alot of celebs have relationships that last and alot dont, its how you handle the situatuion………you dont have to tell your

    business, but be proud of your relationship because we know anyway……..but congrats to them they have been holding it down for a while.

  • pm

    smart move Bey, keep that love strong

  • Mz_Magnificent1

    Are ya’ll happy now…she finally admitted what all of us knew!!! LOL

  • $m♥K.E.Y.


    She refers to herself as an actress! LMBAOOOOOOOOO

    Nope Bey I love you gurl, but you are a singer. Trust!

    Hell Naw!

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