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Ashanti was on hand at the Indiana Jones premiere. Michelle Williams, Estelle and Tiffany Evans were also spotted at the event. Check out more of the festivities below.

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Much more on the other side of thangs

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Tiffany Evans521.2

Photos via Wiremage & WENN


  • swoosh

    did i make it?

  • Ty

    Ashanti looks so good.

  • ashes

    DAMN 3rd… Ashanti looking nice and thick :oP… forget them little skinny chicks!!!

  • Chanel

    I want to see this movie so bad.. Did any one see how stank Harrison acted on 106 yesterday.. they bood his butt

  • Paint it Red

    I love Shanti, but somehow this ensemble looks like a game of “what’s wrong with this picture”? From the top down, let’s see. The blue eyeliner – uh uh, no honey, tell that makeup artist, NEVA AGAIN! I know she thought it went with the blue in the bodice part of the dress, but no, its overkill. Speaking of…the dress is cuteish, but it doesn’t flatter. The shoes – HOT, but that too doesn’t quite flow with the dress either. Nice try tho’ better luck next time.

  • creolediva

    wow ashanti looks phenomenal!!! nice pair of legs!! tiffany evans looks so much better, what’d she do?? thats the “im grown now” girl, right?? michelle looks cute but she needs an IV of gravy!! i really need for her to EAT!!!

  • Sanj86

    look how unempressed people are with michelle williams in her pic under the hood. lolll.

    and i think ashanti looks hot, the blue eyeliner brings out the blue in her dress. although i wouldnt be able to pull that off, shes doin it pretty well i must say. big ups to her stylist!

  • creolediva

    what happened @chanel?? and WTF was harrison ford’s old, decrepit assss doing on 106 & park??? thats why i boycott BET @ all costs..SMH…they’ll do ANYTHING for a buck…im sure the kids didnt even know who he was…who’s idea was THAT??

  • lee lee

    Yeah i saw Harrison Ford on 106

    & i kept saying to myself, what

    is up with this dude. Boring

    interview. He needed to be booed.

  • Re

    Aw, Tiffany looks great. Michelle’s shoes and pants- cornball. Looks like she’s trying to imitate a trend unsuccessfully. Please, be yourself. And if you don’t want to, then make it believeable at least.

  • Sanj86

    how you get your pic next to your name, i already have a gravatar account with a pic but i dont know how to put it on here.


  • guilty pleasure

    I wish Michelle would EAT!

    Ashanti looks great!

  • anonymous

    question people.

    who’s got a better body? beyonce or ashanti??




    where did ashanti get all that azz from??????

  • Re

    @Sanj 86

    Lol, calm down young grasshopper. After you’ve registered on, when its time to post, place your name in the “Name” slot, then place the email addy you registered on gravatar in the “Mail” slot, and in the “website” slot, put

  • Sanj86

    thank you Re lol!

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