The Actual Call Into 911 On Katt Williams Made By Suspect 17 Year-Old

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Yesterday, Katt’s lawyer said he was leasing the spot he was arrested at, yet failed to mention that Katt flew the 17 year-old boy, who called One-Time, out to accompany him and visit  the Atlanta hot-spot. The boy says Katt was holding him hostage.

Flip the lid and listen to wackiness at its finest

We have heard rumbles before that Katt was suspect before he was a big comedian. SMH@the 2:00 mark and the kid sounding like Dwight from RHOA.


  • Sun

    Satan let my people go!

  • Poeticphire

    GTFOH..this story gets crazier by the hour lol

  • Ohio_888

    DAMN Katt!!!

  • Nique

    …ends of his hair breaking like a mofo!

  • nu me

    damn is that his lover what is going on

  • HoneySuckleGirl (KEEP ME NEAR THE CROSS...LOL)

    Crack head for real!!!

  • Xhia

    Doesn’t this Pog have a bunch of kids?

  • HoneySuckleGirl (KEEP ME NEAR THE CROSS...LOL)

    @ Nique

    LOL…You crazy girl. What happened to that pretty hair that he could just shake and bounce that would make all the women jealous? LOL

  • http://bossip SHAKER HTS OHIO

    WOW never thought you were talkn bout pimpn baby boys.see this shows every one how truly face these people are.and how they have to be on this level to make it in HOLLYWEIRD


    I thought it was Kat Williams who was talking @ first lol. Anyways im shocked @ how calm everyone was in the situation, where was the urgency?! smh@ sherrif asking if dude felt he was in danger at the moment, like he didnt plan on sending someone to help out!

  • DayShifter

    There sounds like more to this story then what’s being reported…

  • Blaze

    This is crazy, I hope this isn’t true.

  • nevrquit

    Damn…Katt don’t like cat…seems like he rather dog instead. Wow…a man best friend huh?!

  • Plain Jane

    Not you too Katt??!!! Are there any normal people in Hollywood? Or is every Hollywood brotha holding a 17 year old boy against their will? Well, damn.

  • Truthfully

    After he made all those comments about Michael Jackson at the end of that HBO special he better not like boys. The way he went off wasn’t even funny, he just seemed angry at that show; nary a joke was told.

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