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Terry Crews and wife 1

Last night, Terry Crews was spotted leaving Beso restaurant with his wife while Ice Cube and his wife Kimberly were seen on their way into the Laker’s game. View more pics just below.

Terry Crews and wife 2Ice Cube 1Terry Crews and wife 3Ice Cube & wife Kimberley


  • finesseyoswagger


  • Shante

    damn;; wat a waste of a qOod black man =/


    IMHO Terry Crews is a under cover rectum wrangler. Thats just the vibe I get every time I see this brotha…DAMN! Cube & his lady both on point.

  • Rika from the Block

    aint this a b*tch…this man is married to a white woman….

  • uptowngirl

    actually I don’t think she’s white just very light.

  • What the fcuk is a Barack?


    damn;; wat a waste of a qOod black man =/


    I agree, he lost some cool points

  • He's Presidential

    Love Cube his wife is pretty.. Terry’s wife is not white.

  • Demi

    Ice Cube and his wife look so good together…that’s a couple I’m proud of

  • Jiggles

    yah, Terri’s wife is just REALLY light

  • Shante

    yeaa ice cube`sz wife is mahd pretty &+ wdf is with dhis whOle `liqht` thinq?? dha wOmen is caucasion

  • Binary Star

    Matching outfits, Cube?


  • cdg

    you know what? He met his wife on a celeb dating site ” mill ionaireloves. c o m”, I saw their profiles and some chatting reccords on it !

  • Carl Winslow

    lol Hatin for no reason. So now Terry Crews is in demand and you wanted him the whole time?

  • Miss Lady Jordan

    no terry crews is ugly, not my type

  • Southern Belle 225

    Um, Ice Cube is the BUSINESS! He has been the business even back during his jeri curl days! Loves him and his wife! They are a beautiful couple and they have a beautiful family.

    I’m mad at Terry Crews white shoes!

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