Exclusive: Former Assistant Says Tameka Foster is ‘Crazy’

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A source who used to work for Tameka Foster in Atlanta when she was Usher’s stylist, exclusively tells Bossip that Tameka Foster is “crazy” and was very “difficult to work with”. Adding weight to our snitch, word from Jawn Murray who writes for the New York Daily News, is that Jonetta Patton had previously taken out a restraining order against Tameka Foster. Patton fired Tameka as his stylist and Tameka just fired her as Usher’s manager .

Rumors are going around that Tameka has been in the cut for a while and was cheating on her husband with Usher while the singer was with Chilli. Tameka is pushing 40 with three kids and left her family for Usher.

Mother’s Day is Sunday. SMH. Yeah, this sh*t is messy. JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL, we are done with it. Maybe for a week.


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  • Linda Adams

    Usher should have stayed with Chilli,girlfriend is cute got along with his mother. Whoever Tameka seems to have a messed up personality she is ugly as sin, and if she left her kids she has no morales, what was Usher thinking?

  • http://www.yahoo.com maisha

    Leave them alone, if they are happy. DAMN!!!!! Let them be. I think everybody is jealous of u tameka,because they can’t have him. Don’t let them still ur joy.

  • http://www.yahoo.com maisha

    Leave them alone, if they are happy. DAMN!!!!! Let them be. I think everybody is jealous of u tameka,because they can’t have him. Don’t let them steal ur joy.

  • brinab

    Linda Adams, i thought Morales was a last name..maybe you meant morals?..lmfao either way

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  • cool'sgurl07

    usher really needs to let her go she looks like a tall azz man and no 2 u people reading i aint hating they dont even look right together all im saying is this he could have done better (what a waste of a good light skin man LOL)

  • Kami

    tameka foster is not attractive at all….goodness..I wonder what she looks like in the morn….Usher must awaken w/ a start every morn. LOL

  • Kiona

    Usher and his wife are not the best looking couple but it’s not all about looks. Its about who you’re compatible with. Nobody’s mad at Denzel because his wife isn’t Miss Universe. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Let’s give this black couple our blessings and stop trying to choose who’ll make the next person happy. And let’s say a prayer for our beautiful sistahs who these men don’t have enough sense to marry: Kelly Rowland, Beyonce, Jill Scott, Nia Long, Mariah Carey, Halley Berry, Gabrielle Union, etc.

  • Aja

    LOL!!!!!! @ Kami, He really must wake up like OH Shyt, oh my bad its you baby LOL!!!!!! Naw but for real, I dont get this one. I mean I could go for a pleasantly plump chick with a pretty face, a ugly “younger” woman, a pretty woman with children (chilli) but this one???? as my girl whitney says HELL to the NAW!!!!!

  • Lipton82

    I am truly disappointed in Usher, he went from a dime (Chilli) to a ghetto, ugly looking scrub from Oakland. Why Usher? Why? He for sure has a thing for older women but this move has went too far. I have lost respect for Usher since he fired his mom over this professional gold digger. Damn, to think that I had a shot at Usher. The average woman looks way better than her.

  • Kelli

    That girl is so damn ugly, I dont understand what usher sees in her. its just crazy

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