Mel B… What are You Doing to Your Child???

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Mel Mohawk

Mel B. and her daughter had a day out. Obviously, she still hasn’t decided to let her baby’s hair grow out everywhere. Everyone wants to consider their child special, but this is how you do it???

Mel B

MMMM… It seems to us that Mel really wants to make that hair statement herself, but people would talk about her… MAYBE?!?!?


  • zzazaz


  • WTF!

    Why???? this child look a mess! she is so cute!! but why is her mother doing her like this??

  • zzazaz


  • WTF!

    this is a shame! 4real! i have no words for this!



  • WTF!

    how hard is it for a mother to dress a lil girl in nice clothes made for girls?i bet she paid over $200 for the lil girl outfit.

  • Slide Like A Fresh Pair of Gators


  • yoyo

    um…is that a PERM? smdh

  • Tracey

    Is that Eddie Murphy’s child? He’d better come and get it LOLOLOLOL

  • Tracey

    The baby looks like it belongs to Angelina jolies tribe!

  • WTF!

    Old navy,Gap,Justice,Childrens Place,Macy’s,Sh*t even Walmart,Kmart and Target. you can find nice clothes for kids. Someboy tell Mel B about these store PLEASE!!

  • Slide Like A Fresh Pair of Gators

    Damn when she grows up and sees this picture… SMMFH

    I hope and pray Mel B. doesn’t continue to do this as a means for attention…

    PLEASE, Mel B. for the Love of God just stop it!!!
    You know this is NOT right and you know better :-(

    When the little girl grows up and the way technology is… SMH = Her enemies are gonna use this against her in every mean & possible way :-(

    This is terrible, Eddie come and get your child before I call Child Protective Services!!!

  • Tracey

    For the life of my I was thinking this baby looks life some other mans child, and it wasnt Eddies, but of course DNA has proved he is the father. Then the troll dolls sprang to mind, and bingo!


    If Mel keeps it up, that child’s gonna be ‘special’ alright.

  • Ms.Ej

    Eddie Murphy was not even trying to claim the child until Mel B had the paternity test taken. It is also my understanding that he is not seeing his child & will do so when she is older that it is not the “right” time. SMH.

    As for the little girl I doubt she has a perm, because Mel B natural hair seemed to be one of very fine texture. I wish she would just leave the little girls hair alone & if the child (once older) wants to experiment then let her do so on her own.

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