On the Come Up: Janet Jackson will Open the American Music Awards

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Looks like Janet is back on her grind; she’ll be opening the American Music Awards with an 8 minute performance. ABC has confirmed that Janet Jackson will be the opening act for this year’s American Music Awards. The awards show will air live from the Nokia Theatre in LA on November 22 at 8:00 PM.  We hope Janet still has it; eight minutes of full dancing and singing with the pressure of a comeback is no joke.  We wish her well. Janet will also sit down for her first public interview with ABC next Wednesday, November 18th.


  • Hold on wait a minute and bust a move

    I dont want to sound bad, but sometimes I get the sense that MJ’s siblings are really riding the crest of a wave from his death! Sorry, I do!

  • http://www.myspace.com/raedscrap MLC


    19 YR OLD KID IS

  • Redemption

    I still love Ms. Jackson.

  • KPN

    @Hold on wait a minute and bust a move

    At least ms. jackson does her own thing. The rest are media #oes especially that father of his! Dispeakable behaviour!!!

  • RP

    She will shut it down like she always does. She’s a Jackson…duh.

  • juantee

    In regards to the person thinking she’s cashing in: Firstly, why not? The media, Sony, and everybody else is making money off of MJ’s death. Why shouldn’t his own family?

    Secondly, she was already working hard before this happened. She was working on her film for Tyler Perry, planning on releasing a Greatest Hits cd and working on new music. She’d be a fool not to capitalize on the opportunity to get back where she belongs.

    As far as her being up to an 8 minute performance, Janet Jackson is a pro. I saw her on tour in NYC last year and 8 minutes will not phase her. She has more stamina than all the young girls on the scene today. Trust me!

  • Hold on wait a minute and bust a move

    Why not cash in? MORALS for one!

    i wouldnt cash in on anyones death, sorry, we found it bad when the father tried to, why is it okay for Janet!

    her career was finished last year, and she pubicily blamed MJ for it, however, his death and the promotional side of things are good for her now.


    WHEN did Janet blame Michael publicly for ruining her career? I’ve never heard this story.

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  • charmaine

    Janet will and always be the best in the game. Unfortunately, bloggers of this generation are left with crappy music and artists. Janet performance will be the only reason I will tune in to see the awards. I’m tired of the lame music and artists of today. GO JANET!!!

  • Greg

    Actually this is a reintroduction, Pay attention LA reid this is what DefJam should have done, re-introduce Ms. Jackson, I’m kinda looking forward too the AMA’s Janet, Whitney its kinda cool too see Female talent able too share a stage

  • !!!!!


  • JUDY

    Hooray for Janet!Janet and Michael have always been my favorite Jacksons…….I like Rebbie too.

  • http://www.soapdish.socialgo.com Saytoodles

    we sometimes forget that we are just fans. Janet is Michael’s family and we have no right to state what she can and cannot do. We have to learn to have our boundaries sometimes. We have to stop trying to be vigilantes in Michel’s name by attacking his family as we really didn’t know him like they did. Imagine if people tried to tell you how to mourn for your brother, when to sing, talk to the media and even think about him?

    @Hold on
    you won’t cash in on anyone’s death…great, but Michael was not your brother.
    It’s great to have opinions, but lets keep them within reason.

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