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It’s nice to see that some showbiz folks possess some form of sanity. Kelly Rowland’s mom talked her out of getting a boob job as a teen, and Kelly actually listened:

[Kelly Rowland] claims that although she was initially upset at her mom’s refusal to let her have the procedure when she was 17, she’s glad she took her advice and waited a further few years before getting her dream curves.

[Kelly said] ‘It was something I’d been thinking about since I was 17 years old, and my mum looked at me like I was crazy. She said, “Let your body finish developing”, and I did’……But Rowland admits she was shocked by the media coverage of her breast implants – because she didn’t expect anyone to take notice of her more generous assets. She adds, ‘It was something I didn’t really think that people would notice, but I guess it’s kinda noticeable!'”

Noticeable? With those bee-stings – most definitely! But we got to give kudos to mama Rowland for talking some sense into her at an early age.



  • guilty pleasure

    Well at least she looks good.

  • Panamanians Do It Better

    She does look better…And even more better with some hair.

  • creolediva

    questions: which mama? didnt we cover this? who cares? and “mum”?? not U, biatch! PLEESE dont tell us you’re changing your “houston” accent to british!!! you’ve been in london too long!!! b*tch plz!!!

  • guilty pleasure

    didn’t think anyone would notice?????


  • Madame Enigma


    she’s acknowledging that Tina’s not her mama?

    po’ thang…

  • honeylicious

    If I had a boob job I would make them slightly bigger not “scary big” but just a little fuller. Whats the point of a boob job if you ask for the smallest size. Plus you can make a career out of your tee tees

  • ReddByrde

    It’s a good thing she did b/c as an adult she was able to be a little more rational. At least she didn’t get them big enough to take over her whole torso like some people. They look natural.

  • ccd

    Hot ,I just saw her profile on a celeb dating site ” millio naireloves.com”, what kind of raltionship is she looking for? Just curious !

  • http://hotmail.com NAWIRI

    I think she is talking about Mama Knowles! I doubt she has a relationship with her real mother. I think Mama Knowles adopted her years ago.

  • Southern Belle 225

    I think Kelly did good. She waited and got an appropriate size. To be honest, if they had not made a big deal about it, it probably would have taken me a while to notice.She looks good and has beautiful skin.

  • Madame Enigma

    @ Nawri


    The adoption was a business move , Kelly is a Knowles EIC ….

    Maybe thats why her karma is trash.The fact that the REAL mama is never acknowledged. Po thang. She needs to audition for ‘The Bluest Eye’ if it ever goes to the silverscreen…

  • Don't mind me

    Gorgeous before

    Gorgeous still

  • mrslaadee

    Is Kelly serious when she said she thought that no one would notice that she got breast implants? She is always in the public eye facing the media that knows if you switch your lipstick. So I know d**n well that Kelly knew her implants would be noticed. She went from an A cup to a B cup, so it was going to be noticeable.

  • Blacksmith

    At least she got something that compliments her figure and looks natural. Sooo many women go from A to F cups and it just looks stupid. The breasts don’t even move.

  • I'm Just Me

    Iam glad that her mom stopped her at 17. I agree that is just way too soon.

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