Top 10 Things Women Hate About Men

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Hey Bossip readers! Before you get up in arms, please know that the same list will be posted next week for the fellas. But, of course, ladies first! Now, there’s always room for a good healthy battle of the sexes and this list sort of made itself. No lie. You get a few men and women in the same room and topics like these will always be the most entertaining! It is safe to say that both men and women tolerate a great deal from each other; however, each feels as though what they tolerate is way more than their significant other. In other words, women feel like they carry the load and so do men! Each gender feels that the other gender has it easier. The cycle is never ending. The pet peeves or gender gripes, if you will, range from bathroom etiquette to the gawd awful double standard beef that never reaches a middle ground or resolution. Either way, it’s more than worthy of discussion! Take a look at the first 5 things women hate about men and leave your thoughts in the thread! Ladies, be prepared for next week, the men went in!

I can’t stand when a man will put you on blast for something he does all the time! For example, when I don’t hear from him for days at a time, it’s “okay” because he’s “been busy.” But let me not answer the phone for a few days and it’s a problem! That’s just a very basic example but it only grows from there! Like once you get to sharing expenses and sharing responsibilities, it’s okay for you to buy a 52 inch flat screen but I can’t splurge on a few pairs of shoes at a fraction of the price. You see where I’m going with that? -Kimberly, 35

I had to leave a man that I lived with for about a year because he was so gross! He was just disgusting. I am a woman and go through some things once a month that are fairly gross in nature and he wouldn’t know! So why is there urine on the floor around the toilet and on the underside of the toilet seat? Why don’t you wash your hands after you do the number 2 and have the nerve to reach into my bag of mixed nuts? Why is hair from your head and other parts all over the shower floor? I may sound trivial, but I am not going to clean up after a man to that capacity. I shouldn’t have to police your hygiene and hand washing. That’s just ridiculous. – Brandi, 29

I hate when a man wants to act possessive in public but then when you get home or in a private setting, he might as well be ignoring you! So he plays the role of the guy who’s really into his girl and hugs on her and kisses her in public and shoots the ice grill to any man who dares to look my way, but when we get home, he’s the complete opposite! That’s so fake and he’s a total faker if he does that because all it says is even though I may not want you, I don’t want anyone else to have you. That’s just wrong and men know they do this dumb stuff. – Lanecia, 25

I was with this guy, and he was very generous and sweet and cool and fun to hang out with. But I had to end things with him because he would always say things like, “oh, when I get married, she’s gotta be exotic,” like a latina or have the trending Armenian look. So he was saying that he wanted everything that I’m not. I’m a brown-skinned, African-American woman and I am damn fine! But I’m not what you want ultimately, so what’s our point? I really want to know why they do that! Men, why do you do this? – Tricia, 30

You know what kills me about men, is their willingness to be everything you want in the beginning, but once they know they got you hook, line and sinker, the chivalry dies! Why? Why do men get so comfortable so quickly and wonder why his woman don’t “act like you did in the beginning.” If we’re the emotional ones in the relationship, and everything we do is reactionary, then you already know why I’m not like I was from jump street and the answer is simple: because you’re not. They kill me with that. Although I’m married now, I still have this conversation with my husband and we never reach that, you know, common ground. Never. – Ashley, 31

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