*Breaking News*: Gucci Mane Violates his Probation AGAIN, So Now It’s Off to Jail for 12 Months

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Gucci Mane has just been sentenced to 12 months in jail by an Atlanta judge for violating his probation back in July. We told you first that Gucci got locked up for failing a mandatory urine test. Then in August, we found out that he was in rehab.

Gucci Mane’s camp thought it would be a good look to have him go to rehab because it would show the judge and his P.O. that he was trying to make a change. Even though the rehab program bought him some time to finish recording his album The State vs. Radrick Davis, that is dropping on Dec. 8th, the judge wasn’t trying to hear it and sentenced him to a year in jail. Unlike T.I., Gucci gets no time to make sure things are straight and in order, after he was sentenced, they slapped the handcuffs on him and he is now serving his time.

We know his label has to be heated right now. Hopefully, the buzz he has created in the streets the past couple of months is enough to make his album sell. Going to jail for a probation violation is like getting fired on your day off. Gucci, once you get out after this bid… You have got to keep it together!!!


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