Shaq and Shaunie Get Ready for their Divorce and a Reality Show

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Before Shaunie got some common sense and filed for divorce, her and Shaq were pitching a reality show to a couple of networks.  We hear that one of those networks is thinking about picking it up. 

Shaq and Shaunie’s show was modeled after other married couple shows such as MTV’s Newlyweds, but unlike most couple reality shows, Shaq and Shaunie split up before the show even got started. Even with divorce as a factor, we hear A&E is still debating on picking up the show, and with the two being in talks of divorce, it may up the ratings. The show obviously isn’t taping anymore now that the two have gone separate ways, so we’ll have to see how it all plays out.




  • Nette_CB4EVA

    Wow thats so serious


    She is about to be PAID with all them gigantic as kids

  • Silent Swagg

    ? i thought they got back together for good.

  • nu me

    she is so tiny and he is super big…! she is cute and her lil body is still nice after having all of them kids lol

  • white male

    First staying in Cleveland half the year and now the divorce, rough times for Shaq.

  • rai_0615

    wow.i like shaq.

  • 3rdIWide

    It sounds like it was all a publicity stunt. Shaunien ot going anywhere. She’s in it for the long haul. Shaq has always been Shaq. Nothings changed. They are leveraging themselves to get some extra ‘shine’ just like all the rest of the nba,hollyweird types. Is it by chance that he just started his season w/ the Mavs?!

  • d303

    SHE AINT GOIN NO WHERE!!!!!! she’s ghetto and so is he….they will be together for as long as there is a paycheck to spend………you know they remind you of those friends that break up around the beginning of the school year then the baby’s daddy is back around Thanksgiving…break up again…and then back for Christmas/ New Years nookie :)

  • GoShaunie

    No Real Woman with Self-Worth and Dignity will allowed themselves to be humiliated and disrespect like that! Good for you Shaunie. Get the hell out before he bring you a disease. Rihanna has a point people: Love is like the weather, it is an emotion that can change especially after someone has been violated or trust has been broken. You can always find love again, but you can’t always have a fantastic career or good settlement from a divorce. Sweet Revenge: Take your Money and move on with your kids Shaunie. You deserve better girlfriend. You can always find love again.

  • kigali

    @Go Shaunie,

    Yeah she could always find love again but her children only have one father. I hate to see yet again, another black family break apart. If I were her, I would do all i could to make the marriage work. He children deserve more than her come up.

  • kigali

    Shaunie should stay. I have very strict conditons for separation (not divorce)- physical abuse, drug addiction, mental illness, criminal activity. Infidelity can be overcome. If it means having the children stay in their home with thier parents, heaven and earth should be moved toward that goal.

  • hg

    big shaq

  • memchee

    I too, think they will be back together in a few months.

  • Truthandbeauty

    This article is copied almost word for word from TMZ. Wow this site is pathetic.

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