Chinese Racism Talk Peaks as Obama’s Visit Approaches

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Racial controversy is on the rise in China because of 20-year-old Lou Jing, a mixed Chinese girl, who won a very popular talent show, Go! Oriental Angel. Next week, President Obama is visiting China, so this racial controversy couldn’t come at a more awkward time.

Lou Jing had never experienced discrimination until this past August when she defeated thousands of other young women on a popular televised show. Lou, whose father is African-American, was exposed to all types of racial slurs. Some from angry Internet posters which called her a “black chimpanzee” and some even went as far as to call for all blacks in China to be deported.

This turmoil comes a week before the President, who is mixed as well, visits the country. Some of the Chinese attitudes regarding race have been deep-rooted for a while, but has since been heightened with the election of the first Black president in America. Many Chinese appeared stunned that Americans had elected a black man and since President Obama has been in office, China has seen increasing numbers in the amount of blacks that live there. It is expected that his visit will also increase the number of blacks that visit the country.

With changes in race and equality reaching across the world, it will be interesting to see how the Chinese will transform and descend into the new age and ever-changing ties related to racism and the world.


  • Marquis de Sade


  • Marquis de Sade


  • Ree

    Chinese people need to wake up. So they get to settle any country, are more than happy to to send their cheap products around the world, but when it’s reversed, some ignorant people want to complain. Tough crap!

    Maybe this is the wake-up call they need to get their backwards mentality into the 21st century.

  • Marquis de Sade


  • MOoKiE

    3rd! gold mookie cakes in here!!!!!

  • Dirty Diana...Let Me Be ♪

    Chinese ppl have to nerve to be racist? what a joke

  • Pookie Johnson

    yeah that gurl is fine! they shouldn’t be ignorant hell she look better than all dem kids in china anyway.
    ~pookie and lil bro mookie since 1982~

  • MoOKiE

    @ pookie johnson
    hey pook where u been at?! mama said call her cause jennafer comin home?

  • Nat Turna

    yo chinese people need to fall back. how you gonna hate black people but you get rich off us selling hair care products and weaves(check Good Hair). I say we boycott chinese owned businesses! but that not gonna work cuz black women cant live without that silky hair!LOL!

  • moca hot

    @pookie johnson
    could yall keep yall ‘bama selves out of the discussion.

  • MoOKiE

    Yo white dude ain’t no reason ta get disrepectfil!!!

  • don't_start_none_won't_be_none

    i hate ppl like mookie and pookie they are just stereotypes for black American’s.

  • moca hot

    I don’t understand the hate for mookie and pookie, they can’t help bein themselves.

  • Gypsy

    Why does everything that happens anywhere in the world you folks have to call President Obama’s name – Y’ll need to find another name to over-use.
    China has been dealing with this problem for years, but remember there are more than one million Chinese living in Africa, and they are happy to go and work alongside Africans.

    In Chinese lore the first Chinese people were Black, also, they don’t really like Whites also – Is that also Obama’s fault?

  • N.Y.C

    Please Mookie chicago school systems can’t be that bad. My cousin lives there and he is an A+ student on honor roll.

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