Cassie Shaves the Other Side of her Head…

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Looks like Cassie is still on her shaved head steez and has decided to shave a bit of the other side off too. Flip the hood to see a candid pic of her at STK in NYC.


It’s not much, but enough for her to get just a tad bit of attention. Poor thang.


  • InLoveWiThMnM

    1st omg I have never been first…borring doe

  • drenk(An ignorant people is the blind instrument of its own destruction)

    wouldnt it be ironic if she had a really big 1970’s bush

  • SHAH

    and shes will still be the same ole lame ole cassie. she can cut it all off.

  • pynklyzurd14


  • Emma

    she is sooo pretty regardless.

  • ColeyKID

    kill yourself cassie…

  • lady b

    who cares

  • Emma

    she is pretty regardless. she should do alot of modelling. she can be a top model. bless her

  • I'm Just Me: Keeping It Real Since 1983

    Its cool.



  • This some Shhh....

    Imma need somebody to keep those clippers away from her.

  • Soul Touch

    She’s still a beautiful girl.

  • TyNice

    I wouls still CRACK her wide open. Other than money that he shouldn’t be spending on these hoes, Diddy aint got nothing on me.

  • Love Girl

    Cassie keep playing “red light green light” with the dam clippers! Just go ahead and Cinead O’Connor that Sh$!…

  • white male

    Tattoos on your head??

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