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Baby King

Dr. Martin Luther & Corretta Scott King’s first grandchild was born earlier this week. Check out pics of the newborn, Yolanda Renee King, with proud parents, Martin Luther King III and Andrea Waters King and auntie Bernice just below.

Click HERE to learn more about this special day for the King family.

Baby King2Baby King3

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    Nice family to be born into :)

  • swoosh


  • Southern Belle 225

    Nice looking family! First grandchild? WOW! Congrats to them.

  • Trish, Washington, DC

    I pray that Dr. King’s granddaughter benefits from all of his aspirations, goals, and dreams. Halleluiah and May God bless the next generation of the king family.

  • Lee

    Beautiful!! Excellent news.

  • Nicole

    The auntie prictured is Bernice King, Yolanda passed away last year.

  • PrettyPoison

    Grandchild’s name is Yolanda, named after her aunt who passed away last year. It is Bernice King that is in the photo with her brother and sister-in-law, and baby niece.

    Congrats to the family!

  • Somer

    I am not surprised that both brothers started breathing and living more after the death of their mom. I live in Atl and I ofter heard horror stories about how no woman was good enough in the eyes of their mother. Just like JFK jr. When his mom past, he quit being an attorney. He never wanted to be one but that was the profession his mom pushed him into. It took 3 times for him to pass the bar. I don’t think it was a surprise that he started doing what he wanted after she was gone. I could not imagine the pressures being a child of a Kennedy or King. I betcha it was harder on those girls. I would like to have been a fly on the wall going over to meet Coretta for the 1st time.

    God Bless that child

  • sickofit

    Wow the first grandchild. Are you sure? None of Kings children had kids before this?

  • I'm Just Me

    WOW!! Congratulations to the happy family. That is a wonderful blessing.

  • lisa

    This is beautiful! If you could have heard Martin, III speak about it, there was nothing but joy emanating from his voice and his body language.

    @ Somer: ITA

  • beautiful b

    first grandchild?? wow. this is beautiful…thats a hell of a family legacy to be born into.

  • Whatchaknoaboutdat?

    The King children are getting old… it’s about time one of them had a baby. They should have been spitting them out yearly to keep the King legacy going strong.

  • chris

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  • Kam

    Is it just me or does MLK III look like Sherman Klump from nutty professor? I’m just saying…

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