Roids & Retirement: Fun in the Sun

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Dr. Dre & Fam

Dre looks like he’s still throwing back them ‘roids. His puffed up ass was spotted out on the beach in Hawaii with wife Nicole and their 2 kids recently. Check out more family fun in the thumbs.

Dre’s wife & kidsDre’s wifeDreDre2

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    Im scared of the good ole Dr. :(


    Oh by the way…Im killin’ yall on tha 1’s today :)

  • getyourhandouttamypocket

    I’d rock the h*ll outta that swimsuit Nicole is wearing. That is too cute!

  • lil latte

    I wish I was somewhere warm too….

  • Marquis de Sade

    Gee, and according to SMDH, all blackmen tend to abandon their women and children, and here is Dr. Dre bucking that trend. Dang, those photos are Norman Rockwell-ish in that all american wholesome sort-a-like way.

  • zayah

    his kids look just like him.

  • abc123

    I’m late, but Dre isn’t married to to a black chick? WTH?

  • sickofit

    @Marquis De Sade

    “all blackmen tend to abandon their women and children, and here is Dr. Dre bucking that trend”

    Dre has over 10 kids, he’s at the beach with 2 of them. What, he didn’t have enough money to take the other 8. I know if he was my dad, I would be pissed off.

  • Whatchaknoaboutdat?

    He does look like a blowfish in the first pic but he look cool in that 3rd thumbsnap…. damm, look at those arms & calfs— gotta be roids!!!

  • Marquis de Sade

    @ sickofit

    Hey, it’s a start…Besides, the other eight are from jump-offs and groupies. They don’t count. I’m sure the child support he’s paying is more than enough to keep them happy.

  • sickofit


    LOL, he should be releasing that Rakim joint. I would love to hear Rakim over some Dre tracks. Dre is definitely sleeping on that one.

  • Kompton's Kutie

    She needs to stay in the sun for a long time.

  • Marquis de Sade

    @ Kompton’s Kutie

    And damage that beautiful ivory skin? Are you mad!?!

  • Slide Like A Fresh Pair of Gators (fka Keepin' It Real - D'Original)

    What some of ya’ll women don’t understand is that it’s not all about the physical for “some” men when it comes down to it…

    Look at Dr. Dre… And there are LOTS of celebrities, entertainers and athletes that when you finally see their significant other you’d be like WHAT the f….? I would have never thought….

    I know lots of ya’ll are surprised considering the fact that Dr. Dre had tons of video vixens, models, etc. to choose from and he “wifed” a regular looking lady…

    My point is: Ladies it’s not all about shallow stuff and having a big a$$, tig ol’ bitties, etc…

    That stuff may get a man’s attention but it’s the more substantive qualities that actually captures his heart and garners his enduring love – well at least for a mature man of substance who knows and realizes & recognizes what’s really important when it’s all said and done…

    *substantive qualities = intelligent, kind, supportive, hold a conversation (beyond stupid stuff), positive person, etc…

  • Marquis de Sade

    @ Keepin’ it real

    Meanwhile, back at the ranch called reality – GIVE ME HOOCHIES, OR GIVE ME DEATH!

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