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On no, not again. Now T.I.’s got a reality show.

“[MTV] will follow the hip-hop star as he performs more than 1,000 of community service before beginning to serve his one-year prison sentence next spring. Ish Entertainment is behind the untitled series, which has scored an eight-episode order from MTV. Cameras already chronicled T.I.’s release from house arrest, and shooting will start in earnest this summer, leading up to his return to jail in early 2009. MTV plans to air the show some time soon after that.”

We don’t know about this one, but 1,000 hours of community service, a new baby and a general sense of paranoia could actually be intriguing. We’ll have to just wait and see…



  • ~*~IslandNik~*~


  • ~*~IslandNik~*~

    oh n i’d watch… *hes hot!!*

  • lil latte


  • $m♥K.E.Y.


  • Just_Wanna_Know

    I love TI so I will probably watch even though it doesn’t sound all that interesting.

  • mzjackson88

    I will watch it, just hope its not as bad as being bobby brown,but yea i love TI so ima tune in!

  • Its6amHoGetOut

    I would watch the show as long as he doesnt perform.

  • http://yahoo chantle

    MTV better make sure that Clif Harris is going to jail before they start production. I really don’t see him serving time AFTER completing community service. Not to mention that he is also rich.

  • And...

    Hopefully we’ll find out who “they & ya’ll” are that he’s always ranting about & directing comments to.

    “They this, ya’ll that!” Who is he talking about?

    Grinds my gears how people rep & fight over these already established cities, hoods & states.

    If it’s that serious run for city council, mayor or something…arguing aint gon get it, lol.

  • sogladtobefree

    this is a punishment? i’d be more interested in the show after he’s actually in jail…

  • http://www.myspace.com/shamecatierrajackson ms meca

    everybody gettin a tv show

  • Celebrity CSI

    This is all we need….more foolywang reality show material. The networks should axe T.I’s media hopes & football kick Deion & Pillar’s quest for attention to left field. Chuch! lol…

  • Miss Lady Jordan

    haha right….I like TI too but its obvious MTV only worried about gettin that paper…this a great example for the kids…you can be rich, famous, rap, have AKs and all that PLUS a reality show….I bet the kids all envy him!!

  • soulwoman

    This ish is out of control.

  • I'm Just Me

    they are going to squeeze all of this into 8 episodes. Now tihs I have to see. I am tired of these reality shows about foolishness. Let’s get to the reality that AIDS being caught by people younger and younger. Let’s get one about how people pay all their bills and take care of there kids making ONLY a minimum wage salary. Can we discuss that? If not the I don’t give a f*ck. MTV is rich and so is TI. Now I like TI’s music and whatnot but I’d rather see somethin else on TV.

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