End Of Days: Sex Trafficking In The African-American Community Is What Lead To Little Shaniya Davis’ Murder

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Pedophile-Sex Trafficking is a new one in the black community, and that is what they are saying Shaniya’s own mother did. We were surprised to find out that 44% of sex trafficking suspects are African-Americans:

It sounds like the plot of a crime drama or the scourge of a developing country, but human trafficking is a serious problem in the U.S. and America’s children are frequent pawns, experts say.

The case of Antoinette Nicole Davis, a North Carolina mother accused of selling her 5-year-old daughter, Shaniya, into prostitution, highlights one of the most heinous — albeit rare — forms of trafficking within the United States. Davis faces numerous charges, including human trafficking, felony child abuse and prostitution. Mario Andrette McNeill has been charged with kidnapping in the case after police said a surveillance camera captured images of him and Shaniya at a hotel in Sanford.

Polaris Project, a nonprofit organization that studies human trafficking, has more frequently seen cases in which children were sold by family members “out of desperation in developing countries” such as Cambodia or sub-Saharan African nations, said executive director and CEO Mark Lagon.

“But it happens sometimes here,” he said.

The case of Shaniya is sickening.

R.I.P. Shaniya


  • Testing

    So sad!

  • http://hmlt Too short

    This is sick, I have tears in my eyes right now, thinking about this little girl. Its sad and sick.

  • Testing

    R.I.P little angel!

  • drenk

    i hope theres a heaven cuz this lil girl belongs there

  • StopDaMadness

    Sad state of affairs . .



  • Alrighty Then...

    @Too Short – I wish torture was legal sometimes. “Just” death is too easy for some of these sick individuals!

    How could you SELL YOUR CHILD INTO PROSTITUTION??!?!?!?! I hope they both burn in hell!

  • uptowngirl

    And the kicker is the mom is pregnant now. SMDH!! R.I.P

  • as seen on t.v.

    This case makes me so angry….I just want to choke the thing myself…I refuse to call her a mother because she is no mother…More like monster…Poor baby…Imagine the horror she experienced before life left her little body…Just so sad and wrong…

  • Godschild

    drenk said:
    i hope theres a heaven cuz this lil girl belongs there

    Well Non-believers wants us to believe that this beautiful 5year old girl is now rotting on the ground and that is the end of her. Non-believers wants us to believe that her death is the end of her precious life.

    LET ME TELL YOU, there is a Heaven and this little girl is now with her MAKER enjoying eternal peace, something her mother could not give her on this earth. Something she deserved but was never given.

    I believe in God more today than ever because i refuse to believe that the end of this little girl’s life is her rotting away on the ground.


  • Plagueis The Wise

    How can you do this to an innocent human being? A child? The mother should get sent to a men’s prison as a regular inmate.

  • MulattoMom

    I agree with whomever says “Put her in a public place and let’s throw rocks at that chick (the mother)” so she can die a slow and painful death…

  • Negroplease!

    It is time to Norplanttize, sterilize and chemically castrate all involved in this child’s death. Kill em! Kill em all and let God sort them out!

  • EleKtrik EccEntriK (RIP Shaniyah Davis, Innocence Lost)

    my poor broken heart. monsters like this should not allowed to procreate. now that she’s pregnant again, the jury will have mercy on her. and this posts a hard question; should they make her abort the baby or let her go to term then take the baby from her? IDK. I can’t SMDH hard enough.


    How in the hell do you prostitute a 5 year old? A 5 year old is practically still a baby, that’s a sick m*t*erf**ker to but his grown man d**k inside of a baby..They should go straight to the chair do not pass go!

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