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Alex Barton

What the hell is this world coming to? 5 year old Alex Barton got “voted” out of his class in a move led by none other than the classroom teacher:

‘[The teacher] took him and stood him in front of his classmates this week, asked every single child to tell Alex why [they] don’t like him… (in his words) “tell Alex why we hate him”,’ explained Ms. Barton. After having each child ridicule the boy, she says the teacher continue belittling him.

Ms. Barton went on to say, ‘Then they had a vote on if he deserved to stay in the class or not.’ Like a twisted reality show, Barton says in a 14-2 vote his classmates voted the five year old out of the classroom.”

It’s frankly obscene that a so-called teacher would even think of pulling some sh*t like that. Not that we condone violence or anything, but that’s a mf that deserves to catch a beat down – straight up.


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