True or False: Michelle Obama is Jealous of President Obama and Oprah’s Friendship…

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What is really going on??? Word around Washington is that Oprah is not welcomed to the White House. Apparently, Michelle isn’t to thrilled when her husband jumps as soon as Oprah comes a calling.

We have no idea who made Oprah an expert on government policies but apparently she felt that President Obama was going to make her an adviser. Even if he was, Michelle was not hearing any of that. Apparently this all started during the campaign and Michelle held her tongue because Oprah was supporting her husband but as soon as President Obama was elected and the campaign was over, Michelle let her feeling show face. Sources say, that during Oprah’s visit to the White House to interview the first lady, Michelle barely acknowledge Ol’ Harpo. When Oprah would ask Michelle a question, the first lady would direct all her attention to Gayle, it was like Oprah wasn’t even there. Damn… that’s cold!!!

They say Oprah had plans to redecorate the Lincoln room and also would be making frequent trips to see her friend who she campaigned for so hard. If all this is true, it’s obvious Michelle is not the one to play with. Oprah, you better sit down somewhere.

We all know when Oprah co-signs someone or something, it normally turns to gold and whenever she says jump, they normally say, “HOW HIGH???” How many of you think that it’s possible for Oprah to overstep her boundaries???


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