Ray-J Speaks Out

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Awww. Poor Ray J feels he’s been treated unfairly and is now contemplating revenge.

Click HERE to find out exactly what’s got ole buddy boy bent out of shape and what he plans on doing about it.


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  • Brie

    he needs to get a life. Like literally- learn a skill and get a real job.

  • Neo-Geo

    Don’t really care about dude but he’s right. If police seen these drugs, he would of been locked up. Look, in NY, sometimes you spend a whole day in bookings for even less than a nickel bag of weed. Talk about f*cked laws. That’s one of them.

  • http://livesteez.com/profile/WyzePro WyzePro

    ok so let’s see….a black man was considered unruly and in possesion of illegal and harmful substances….and the beast was called….and they let him go?…..something doesn’t sound right…especially when you have cops shooting people for less….or snatching who they “thought” was a suspect out of a car and kicking and beating them …before you read them their rights…..c’mon man…if true this would be a cops dream….famous rich black man caught red handed…look what happened to dude from csi…same situation …not the same outcome…you be the judge…maybe ole boy wasn’t ridin durty afterall eh?

  • KAM

    He’s right…he would’ve been in jail if it was that serious. He should sue them for defamation of character!!! Go Ray J:-)

  • TellTheTruth

    Ray J looks like he got a head cold and running a fever of 110 in that pic.

  • bree

    LOL @ TellTheTruth

    Ray-J i know you smoke the reefer, idk about all that other stuff..either way, boat would surely explain your erratic behavior..crazy

  • Sug mo

    He like he floating in this pic. Stay of the boat, Nigg*

  • creolediva


  • Aunt Viv

    LOL@Livesteez for “Now Ray J, who is singer Brandy’s younger brother, is speaking out against the allegations”

    That punk will never be known for anything else.

  • guilty pleasure

    His lips have really darkened…..quit smoking that la……

  • MDM.Org

    If you walk a mile in Bobby’s shoes… you will end up with sh*t on your shoes

  • Nurse GiGi

    I see he’s found another way to stay in the LimeLight…*chu*

  • justmoi

    I agree with the others that say he’s probably telling the truth! C’mon now, no matter whether you like the guy or not, he’s making a valid point- he defo woulda been arrested.

  • Ignorance is Contagious

    The nerve of Ray J to “clear” his name. This is the same person who made a career out of trying to drag women down and now all of a sudden he has a name to clear? Please! It is possible to NOT get arrested for weed, When I used to live in a bad community there were dudes who would have weed, the police would know and throw it away without arresting them. Police usually want HARD drugs to keep people in prison for longer than a few days or a summons.

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