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Fantasia must think the whole world is dumb. She recently just went on the record and said that the rumors about her messing with a married man are NOT true. She says she has never met Antwaun Cook, and she doesn’t have his name tattooed on her shoulder. So, Tasia… You’re trying to tell us that we are just seeing things or just making sh*t up… SMH!!!

GTFOH… Pop it for the BullSh*zzzz

[Laughs] Okay, let’s talk rumors. There’s been a lot of blog talk that you’re dealing with a married boo and even got his name tattooed…

Yes, [the rumors] were all really cute to me. I guess it was something about a guy from T-Mobile? Inaccurate. He was hot, but I think I’m looking for my own man. There’s no boo in my life, I’m married to my career. Right now I’m not really focused on a boyfriend; we all know what happens when you get them… I have no tattoo on my shoulder, [that rumor] was very well put together! I wear my body out more purposefully now and when I’m walking I see people checking, “Like does she have a tattoo there?” As a matter of fact, I’ve never even [met him] before. I think I’d want to be with a guy who’s in the same tax bracket as I am … or higher!

It’s okay Tasia, YOU AIN’T GOTTA LIE TO KICK IT!!! It seems to be the thing in the industry now, Married Men… SMH, but back to this tattoo!!!

So you’re trying to say that the tattoo that we see on your shoulder is NOT real?!?!?!? You are probably in the process of having it laser removed, it was done with a black magic marker or you did another Derek Blanks Alter Ego Photo Shoot… Which lie do you want to go with?!?!?!?!?

Ummmm [clear throat]… We’re waiting because WE DON’T BELIEVE YOU, YOU NEED MORE PEOPLE!!!



  • killa 09

    hoe sit down first

  • PrettyInPink

    hhhmmmmm, shame on her for trying to lie about it, but wear it all in the open

  • Hot Chocolate

    That was a dumb move.
    Am I second?

  • maya

    She is just as stupid as can be. What a clown

  • Go Khloe!!!

    anyone could’ve photoshopped that tattoo onto her skin…people please don’t believe everything the media feeds you. WOW

  • as seen on t.v.

    I hope she is working on some new music or something…This is not a good look whether it’s true or not…She needs better press…Seems like since she came out it’s been one controversy after another and not too much music…Get it together Fanny…

  • http://Bossip linda

    I ain’t mad at her. The world plays dumb when it comes to Jay-Z,Rihanna, Beyonce. Now we want to be so smart when it comes to Fantashia. She did just right. Amerca wants to play dumb all the time so so be it CASE CLOSED I would tell the cornballs the same thing with a straight face!!!!!

  • Gotta tell the truth

    that could have been photoshopped.

    I trust her word over some “gossip” rag

  • missy

    Well she ain’t lyin about not having a tattoo on her shoulder. The tattoo isn’t EXACTLY on her shoulder, its closer to the breast..TECHNICALLY..LOL

  • Ms. J

    Damage control!!!

  • This some Shhh....

    That’s just one of those sponsership’s things like they do for boxing. Cook Pest Control is probably one of her sponsers.

  • Ms. J

    @Missy….LOL, your statement is very true.

  • That's Just Dumb!

    She is a dummy!

  • Moreaces+Lets Go Dallas

    Dummies, it was probably a Henna Tat. which will wash off in what, about 2 weeks or so

  • THE SoSelphish 1

    @ Missy….

    Yea I was thinkn the same thing… That ‘area’ isnt really her shoulder. So technically, she is telling the truth

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