AJ’s Body Will Be Exhumed for a Second Autopsy

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The body of the ex-fiancé of RHOA star Kandi Burruss AJ Jewell is being exhumed for a second autopsy at the request of his father who believes his son’s cause of death still is unclear.

The first autopsy concluded that AJ died of blunt force trauma to the head and a later report says that sickle-cell disease was another cause of death.

However AJ’s father, Rev. A.B. Jewell, said his son did not have sickle-cell disease. He says he wants the public to know his son did not have sickle-cell disease, and hopes that this next autopsy will prove that AJ was murdered. AJ died after an altercation at an Atlanta strip club in October.


  • http://bossip nichole

    R.I.P…..much love

  • Caramel Cat

    *sigh* I want to say let it go…I mean was the fact that he had sickle cell just pulled out of the air? But, I can also understand his father wanting to know the full truth…tragic situation all around…

  • http://Bossip Lefty

    That is so sad. The ones that suffer the most is the parents the children. People need to stop and think about the consequeces b4 they react. I dont get it

  • Gmen


  • jj

    The MANNER of death was listed as homicide, which means he was murdered. What else does his father want?

  • memchee

    Good – ‘cuz those results sounded like the coroner saying: “I don’t understand what I’m doing, so let me give the most confusing findings that no one else will understand.”

  • 1TruDiva with the PlatinumVocals--Remembering Shaniya!!

    Wow. Just wow!!

    I would hope that he’d use the money instead for his children.

    I can’t say what I’d do in his case, though. I never had to bury one of my children.

  • God's_Angel

    I’m glad his dad is doing this. AJ’s family should have gotten a second autopsy from the very beginning, especially in this type of situation. Hopefully too much time hasn’t passed so the other coroner can get decent autopsy results.

    This will give the family closure, and also answer some questions in this strange death…

  • it's Me

    @ JJ, read the post!!! The dad is saying he believes the cause of death was MURDER, not sickle-cell as the report indicates.. Reading is fundamental playa..

  • Wenzel Dashington (aka Mr. Sterling Cooper)

    Wouldn’t one of his kids’ medical records show he had the trait?

    Free legal advice.

  • http://hebert2010.wordpress.com hebert2010

    sickle trait is not the same as sickle disease.

  • Whtdahell?

    I hope he gets the answer he’s seeking so he can live in peace and his son can rest in peace. Not to be cold; but it’s not going to bring AJ back. Maybe he’s looking for an arrest, someone to blame in order to accept the pain.

  • YNV Me

    he was so cute…rip.

  • http://www.bossip.com Ms.Show-off

    Rip to you AJ!…Gone but never forgotten!….

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