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Buddies” Kelis and Dania Ramirez were at some MTV Platinum gift lounge for the MTV awards this weekend in Hollyweird. Damn, is it just us or does Kelis seem to spend more time with Dania than Nas?

No comment on Shar Jackson, there is obviously no hope for that poor thang.


View more pics including Ashanti and Lloyd at the “Ultimate Prom” and Joy Bryant in NYC right about now…




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  • Miss. Rissa

    kelis is cute. too bad she doesn’t get the fame and recognition she deserves.

    first for the last time lmfao

  • Kdawg

    Talk about D-List…Why is Shar Jackson even invited to events? To promote contact lens companies?

  • statim08

    When did she get so gummy?

  • lindsey

    lil romeo has little fingers…

    little fingers=little…

  • Panamanians Do It Better


    NEXT ——>

  • Free2Bee

    (*le sigh*)

    there is too much nonsense going on here to even begin to comment…

  • Wanjiru

    …who the hell are these folks?…


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  • bree

    Who is the girl in the music note dress?

    when did Ashanti become so light?

    when did Lloyd become so dark?

    Are Dania & Kelis really BEST friends?

    What is Shar wearing?

    Why does Lil Romeo look soooooo much like his dad?

    Am i wrong bcuz i think Joy Bryant looks cute?

  • Dominique=Maxwell Fan♥

    Ashanti looks pretty…this hair looks way better without the blond streaks.

    I like Llyods new song.

    And rOMEO IS a cutie![♥]

  • Riley

    Kelis looks great as always

    Why does Ashanti hate herself so much that she’s bleaching her skin?

    I’m mad MTV invited Shar to get a good laugh.

    What made her put that small behind Hollister shirt on & those pants. SMH. She needs to do better or stay at the crib.

  • goldyn5md

    did ashanti’s mom catch any fish with that net shirt?

    why is Ashanti gettin lighter? I’m confused?!?!?

  • Lisa

    Kelis WTF is going on? You are too fly for this corny ass look! Put that weed away and come correct!

  • jannie

    ashanti cd is not wacked so u can hang yourself for that dumbass comment………..and she’s not bleaching her skin thats how her skin really is without all the taning she does and dark make-up

  • InsertDopeWordsHere

    Shar is cute to me for some reason, she still has the “around the way look” and a great personality. Never seen or heard anything other wise…

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