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Laila Ali is definitely glowing as a mother-to-be. She, Holly Robinson Peete, Shondrella Avery, and someone with some hairy ass legs attended A Place Called Home Achievement Awards luncheon in Beverly Hills…


Some more including who those hairy legs belong to coming up next…



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  • miss misia

    oh gawd i almost lost my breakfast thanks to monique’s nasty ass legs. damn thats so wrong.

  • Panamanians Do It Better


  • Teeza

    I like Mo’Nique but she looks an Overall mess.

  • Lola AM

    Laila looks glowingly gorgeous! :)

  • getyourhandouttamypocket

    Monique keeps some furry legs! UGH! Laila looks so cute!

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  • Sugar

    Absolutely no excuses, Monique. If you were too lazy to shave your legs, you could’ve thrown on a nice pair of slacks, plain and simple.

  • ILLY

    When Monique co-hosted on The View she said that she doesn’t shave her legs.

  • rhodesgal

    i know women who dont shave and have way hairier legs than Monique. if she doesnt wanna shave, then let her be. hairy legs dont make u less beautiful.

  • lisa

    Folks, some MEN like their women to have hair on their legs.

  • joyce

    i am more disturbed by the absence of any makeup on monique’s face! how can ANY celeb attend a public event without having their face done?? of course, that hair on her legs is just gross.

  • Tammy

    Laila’s shirt is hella cute. The outfit is not a stand out but it looks really cute.

  • Mel

    No no most men like smooth legs, some do like the hairs…lolololololol @ Monique’s legs hahaaa.

    Laila looks beautiful!!

    Holly looks bland.

  • Henny & Red Bull is da ....

    Laila is looking nice but could have worn a better top. Most men like a good grade of hair in other places on a woman’s body but not the legs just speaking for myself. Is it me or does Holly Robinson-Peete & “Prancer” from Flavor of Love were separated @ birth?

  • LB

    I remember Monique saying on “The View” that she doesn’t shave anything on her body, but her armpits.

    I forgot the reason she gave as to why she felt that looking like Grizzly Adams, from the neck down, is a good thing, though.

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