Melyssa Ford Lends a Hand Feeding the Homeless in Atlanta

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Melyssa Ford spent her Thanksgiving holiday in Atlanta. She helped the organization, Hosea Williams Feed the Hungry, celebrate its 40th Anniversary by feeding  30,000 people. The organization itself has helped approximately 250,000 people that are in need.

Obviously, they made Melyssa get down to the nit and grit. Even though she stepped up for a good cause, seeing her in barely any make-up and a hair net… Priceless!!!


  • sassalene

    Wow look at how fast everyone has forgotten about this hoochie momma. Well at least she is doing something positive for others.

  • KeepNit2Real

    Melyssa Ford can get my stuffing ANY day! yummay! =D

  • Zulu Princess

    THE Melyssa Ford (who according to The Game) Drives a Honda Accord:-D She’s Pretty (no homo!)

  • Essence

    Who is she???

  • KeepNit2Real


    just one of my many sexual partners.

  • you know

    good work and she’s cute Gawd bless her


    oh that’s nice.. but isnt she homeless too?

  • Syxxi.f.u.x

    Good 2 c her without all that make-up she normally wears.

  • that chick

    Oh I love Cardinal!!! Okay…. Thanks Keep

  • Huh?

    Not a fan of hers but,damned if she do damned if she don’t. at least she took time out to help. she could’ve been elsewhere…

  • lovely

    denyce lawton said game got it wrong when he said she drive a honda accord and thats not possible cause she dont even have a license
    natashaellie said that she put up melyssa ford in her condo in LA and in Florida cause melyssa aint got no money or nowhere to go cause she broke
    google twitter beef melyssa ford and u will find the whole story ha ha, its really funny

  • yupp

    I see the pain and loneliness in her eyes, the eyes are the window to the soul, homegirl is lonely, lost and needs to seek God

  • kingsley

    WHY DONT THEY FEED THE HUNGRY ALL YEAR ROUND INSTEAD OF ON JUST ONE DAY.. MISS ME WITH THESE TAX WRITEOFF B.S. I dont know why she doin it I heard she broke too… She need to be in line asking for a plate…

  • whiteberry

    people don’t know her from the waist up..
    y’all need to show the money shots

  • Hello World

    wait a minute so after all them dudes she suked and fu##### she ONLY drives a honda accord?

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