Ho Sit Down: Reverend Pfleger

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Reverend Pfleger has apologized for making some racially charged comments against that shady Hillary Clinton at Barack Obama’s church. Why don’t these negroes at Trinity United Church in Chicago have enough sense to sit their ass down as Obama tries to get elected?

There is no reason to be shuckin’ and jivin’ because some blonde pastor tries to get his pastor swag on by talking about racism. Obama is trying to fight to get elected against a racist opposition, go sit your ass down and stop giving people ammunition to attack our brotha. Obama has now officially quit his church.

There are rumors of that shady Hillary Clinton negotiating a transfer of a video tape that has Michelle Obama using the word “whitey” and attacking white folks at Reverent Wright’s church and they supposedly has this tape in the cut waiting for a time to strike. According to the rumor, she may try to use this tape to snatch the nomination away from Obama.





  • http://www.myspace.com/GOTSTRONG Southern U !!! I thought you knew

    Top 5 !!!

  • MarieDaGuru

    I love father Mike.

    The man is DEAD on.

    He got a lot more passion and sense than many Black folks. He’s not reactive the man is PRO-ACTIVE.

    He’s done so much for the Black cause than a lot of ‘paper politicians’ who just talk talk talk.

    Father Mike is Grass Roots and hands on.

    Eff the shady Clintons


    I can

  • finesseyoswagger

    well whitey or cracker isn’t actually a racial epithet…lol


    I can`t stand that *itch Hillary Clinton. Yeah I find her to be shady also. I wouldnt doubt she has something hidden under her black witch`s dress ready to try and stop Obama.


  • finesseyoswagger

    although some outlets would like u to believe that they r…

  • Trini Chica BK (AKA) As a matter of Fact

    I can’t stand her FAKE azz. She is more like a REPUBLICAN than DEMOCRAT…If I could find a way to vote twice for OBAMA I will.

  • Trini Chica BK (AKA) As a matter of Fact

    Father Mike thought he was doing something right by OBAMA but that’s not the way OBAMA is running his campaign. He does really talk bad about ppl..or least not yet..

  • T-Fab!!!

    clintons prob have some of these people working for them, tryin to sabotage Obama. B#tch sit down!!!

  • Happy_Chick

    The priest was on point. I do not understand why people are not examining what he is saying critically. White privilege is quite real. America needs to really wake up!!!!!!!!!

  • Saigon

    “…and they supposedly has”

    Correct that!

  • tscombo

    I don’t know why people expect non-black Americans to support Obama when they keep bringing race into his campaign.

  • Southern Belle 225

    Whitey is a funny word to me. It damn near aint even a racial one but whatever. They are gonna try and do everhthing they can to see that this brother don’t get elected. But the devil is liar! Is there any link I can go to to see the footage of the pastor?


  • Lauren

    People need to stop being so sensitive, this man’s sermon was dead on and Hilarious…shouldn’t hurt Obama since his focus is not on Hillary anymore, but it is on McCain…

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