Angela Bassett is Finally Looking her AGE, SMH… What Happened???

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Angela Bassett was caught slipping at The Grand Opening of AnQi in Cali yesterday, showing up with barely there make up on. More up close and personal pics of Angela along with Miss Patti Labelle under the hood.

Yea we’ve seen worse… but we’ve also seen better so we need Ang to step her game up.


  • She can't look any younger

    Miss Patti looking good.

  • Jason

    LOL. . .guess cheek implants dont suit everyone. . .stella needs to get her MONEY back.

  • ms.kittyk

    Well she is getting older. I think she aged VERY gracefully! Yall are just haters as usual

  • Yoda

    It’s her husband, straight up, even since he married her, she damn near dropped out of the game, and never reached her full potential, at lease that’s what my girl said.

  • Michelle

    well if angela looks her age, how old is she. I would guess 46. Somebody wikipedia her and tell me if I am right
    anyway Patti needs to stop with the facelifts and botox, i wish patti would sag already and stop trying to hold onto her youth. we all know shes pushing 70

  • Yoda

    She’s still a dime though.

  • e

    shes still bangable…not amber rose, but still very hot

  • nunya bizness

    Its called AGING, and it will happen to you too … although she has put on a few points which will make you look older.

  • http://gossip MatchMaker

    Angela looks goood, but Holly Robinson Pete looks older than Anglela….

  • msbasset

    angela bassett is still a beautiful classy black women, hell she looks better than half the women her age :)

  • JUDY

    I think Holly and Angela look rather pretty.

  • Unimaginative_Trolls_get_your_own_screen_name

    I’D STILL rather share her bed than 99.99999% of the women HALF her age.

  • Shan

    I do not see anything wrong with how she looks. She is aging gracefully.

  • Ara

    Is that my Patti? Hey Ms. Labelle!!! Ms. Bassett looks fab.

  • Ara

    Wow you can’t say B*a*s*s*e*t*t????

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