“Evil” Naomi Still Throwing it in the Uppity Wife’s Face…

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Although Vlad’s wife believes Naomi is beneath them, apparently, he could give a rat’s booty because he is constantly spotted with her.

These two liaison-pals were spotted in Miami, living it up, even though Naomi seems happier than ever in each and every pic, and we NEVER see that Vladislav Doronin character smiling.

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  • pynk

    & we care because…?

  • infringedblue

    she looks good . . .

  • Hannibal


  • Nique

    I would be smiling too if I was that deep in a
    n!!ggas pockets!


  • KeepNit2Real

    Naomi dun put it ON that Russian dude!

    She bout to change the game…maybe they’ll finally end that frickin mail order bride scam crap and just learn to blend.

    Come on Russia! The vodka game is tiz-ZIGHT!

  • Hannibal


  • resurrected

    If he is that disrespectful then she does need to divorce him and get her a new man with her new money… This is so very dishonorable to be an husband and if this is what money will turn you into that I will just be happy with a hard working man who takes the time to get develop as he achieve his riches… I really think for one to stay and honorable family man God really has to be first in his life so that he has a higher standard in his heart to be held too..

  • resurrected

    Naomi is not doing nothing special lust is it own motivation for a minute… Naomi is not a prize by the way that she does things and I am sure other than his money he is not a prize himself…

  • WhatAWorld

    @KingLion,d.amn lol.
    But his wife wont leave him because of all the perks,SMH.Naomi is a homewrecker and he’s trifling.Walking around with another chick’s man like he honestly is yours.The only person winning in situation is sadly the man because the women aren’t going anywhere and will kill over just for his status and wealth.So the one that should smile is Billionaire!

  • http://msn mzdiva

    she is only doing what she is allowed to do
    why when the man do it it is considered okay
    do your thang and get that $$$$$$$$$$

  • Canli

    whats up with her legs anyway good luck girl hope it last

  • uptowngirl

    I’m sure Vlad likes to keep Naomi beneath him and on top of him…you get the picture. LOL

  • resurrected

    I am amazed that this b***h even have friends because all that I would see when I look at her is a B***h that loves to start drama that will sleep with your man and the one that you will mostly likely have to fight in the streets to let her know that you are not playing with her..

  • http://www.them-path.com nubia

    She had her cheeks implanted or filled and she got a butt lifted. She is so phoney! While everyone else suffers, she continues to get good fortune for her bad behaviors. Look, she was blessed with a rich boyfriend!!!! Whatever!

  • http://msn mzdiva

    money money money
    M O N E Y
    makes the world go around

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