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Amerie 604

Diva-hopeful Amerie hit up at a fashion event recently rocking this gray get up and over-sized shades, and spotted shopping recently were “love-birds” C-Breezy and Rih-Rih as well as Halle. When is she going to let us get a glimpse of baby Nahla????

Check out more imagery below:

Amerie 604.3Halle Berry 604.2Chris Brown & Rihanna shopping3

Much more under the hood

Halle Berry 604.3Amerie 604.2Halle Berry 604.4

Halle Berry 604.1Chris Brown & Rihanna shopping4Chris Brown & Rihanna shopping5

Chris Brown & Rihanna shopping2Chris Brown & Rihanna shopping6Chris Brown & Rihanna shopping


  • Til You Do Right By Me... it should be!!!!

  • Ms Nobody


    LOL at ‘diva-hopeful’

  • KAM

    Diva-hopeful…ya’ll ain’t right. I love RiRi and Chris…too cute!!!

  • Til You Do Right By Me...

    Halle is back ya’ll!! The body is back, she looks great!!

  • Fellow Houstonian

    Those two are hangin tough! I like them together they are cute. All this hangin around Chris is doing he better be working on another album, hell! Stop getting lazy Chris!

  • Re

    I don’t know about those ace bandages on her feet.

    But she looks great!

  • WTF

    Everyone looks lovely!


    i don’t like the shoes she has on they are kinda weird

  • Til You Do Right By Me...

    @ Re, Exactly! I’m thinking they’d look better with a dress but it’s hard to tell since we can’t see what they look like from the side…but you’re right..they do look like ace bandages. I was like dang, your jeans run right into your shoes…one big bandage!

  • I'm Just Me

    Love Rhi Rhi and Chris together but NOT feeling his hair at all. I hate when mohawks look like that.

    LOVE AMERIE!!!! Love the outfit.

    Go Halle!

    @ Re: I think those are part of the shoes (shrugs shoulders)



    Ya stuupid girl!!!!

  • LdyK

    I am beginning to think someone likes these photo-ops…of their YOUNG LOVE…but hey, i guess thats the way they play!

  • Re

    @Til You Do Right By Me…

    LOL, I know right. She’s still a hot, can’t hate there :-)

    @I’m Just Me

    Lol, yeah, I understand the concept there, but I just can’t help feeling like they remind me of ace bandages that are starting to unravel.

  • Re

    *typo- “she’s still a hottie”

    @Nikki Underwood

    What up girl!

  • tamaka raymond not usher wife lol

    halle looked great now she need to show her baby girl she is trying to get more money from a mag if she take the money or not her child is cute she looked like borth of them black and white.

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